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Best way to answer the Salary Expectation Interview question


Date Posted: 4/17/2019 12:47:09 AM

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While it’s important to prepare yourself for skill, behavioral and even talent-related interview questions, it is also equally important to get ready for the salary expectation question that is sure to be asked at some point during the interviewing process.
Answering the this question the wrong way can cost you a job offer. It has costed many candidates who didn’t know how to go about it. Others ended up stating a very higher amount above the employer’s budget. The wrong answer can also put you in another situation by forcing you to consider a job at a less-than-desirable salary by stating a way low salary range.

Why employers/recruiters ask candidates the salary question?
•They have a budget and so want to know if they can afford you before they invest time and resources courting you to come to work for them.
•Other employers want to see how you value your work. Depending on your skills, experience and the position being offered, are you sure of your worth? Are you confident enough to ask for what you deserve or are you the type of candidate that will accept whatever they are offering?
•Employers want to determine whether you’re at the appropriate professional level. Candidates who ask for higher amounts many times are found too senior for the role. Alternatively, stating low salary range could indicate that you’re at a lower experience level than the job requires.

How do you answer this question?
- Provide a range and indicate that you open for negotiations depending on other factors such as benefits, bonuses and other opportunities.
- Do research. Different employers offer different salary for different positions but a market research on the salary range for that particular position and level will help you determine your range. You won’t go low nor very high beyond what the position can

- Be confident. Being confident proves that you know your worth as a candidate and as much as you might be open to negotiation, you’re not going to accept less than you know you deserve. Don’t sell yourself short in an attempt to move forward or you could end up making too little.

Some employers/Recruiters though advertise a role with a salary range. Only apply for that role if you are sure you can take what they are giving because only 5-10% have a negotiation room and can only agree to give you more than what they are offering if you can prove to them you deserve more than that during interview.The main reason for this is because candidates apply with higher expectations and assume the employers given budget.Are invited for interview and due to their expectation they miss out the job because the employers budget is not what they looking for.In the same, they waste a lot of energy, time and resources preparing and going for the interview something that makes recruiters wonder if really the job seeker was serious about the application since they;employer had even stated their budget on the job ad as well.When applying for this job with a budget even if your budget is higher be sure you can take what they are offering.

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