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Signs of con men and con women


Date Posted: 3/11/2012 12:59:29 AM

Posted By: hot ice  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 45

Have you,your friend,relative or spouse been a victim of con-stars in day to day life and asking yourself questions without answers like how,where or when? Here i am a living victim of con men/women,so what are signs of con men/women to look for when approached by a stranger in places for example bus station,street, outside banks or shopping malls.

(1)He/she pretend to be lost and want you to show him/her directions,certain building or even request you to personally take him/her and promise to reward you by giving you some cash,he/she even ask you how much do you want, watch out he/she plan to trap.

(2)He/she pretend be sick,robbed or hijacked and will talk to you politely,softly or even shed tears to show you magnitude of his/her problem for you to feel pity for him/her and give some cash,though not all cases apply others may be real so let your conscience or inner voice make a ruling.

(3)He/she pretend to be in hurry and tries to away in between you, not even excusing him/herself be alert his/her intentions is to pick pocket you in most cases busy streets or bus station.

(4)He/she tries to sell a phone,digital camera or anything else as if is hiding it and at cheaper price be warned when the deal is to good think twice.

(5)He/she pretend to have ability to make you rich, double your money may be through prayers or witchcraft open your eyes wide they are usually dressed to impress and good public speakers,ask yourself if they are that talented ,why are

they not the richest and famous on planet earth.

(6)He/she may have a gift of a fore-teller as matter of facts but they use it to con people for example stops you and introduce him/herself and ask your name but what follows will make your eyes wide open and caught you by surprise,he/she may tell you things once happened or currently happening in your life and don't forget he/she is a total stranger. He/she may confess to have solutions to your problem and you will want to hear more from him/her for instance tell you a key to your success is to help disabled people in street and ask you how much money you have to determine how much to give to disabled. Obviously you tell him/her for instance 500 and he tells you to go and give 50 to any disabled nearby and tells you to leave behind phone, money or gold, silver accessories since they can be barrier to your success. Since you got carried away and trust him you obey. When you come back he/she is no where to be found. I have to confess this is real and happened to me. I felt cheated and i blamed myself for being foolish,slow to think and blind but it was an eye open, a real life time lesson and experience i won't forget. I hope i free you from con men/women.

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