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Reasons why students fail in high school in Kenya


Date Posted: 6/6/2012 2:47:11 PM

Posted By: Brenda N  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 728

Most students fail because they fear failing.They therefore never try and they end up as failures,lack of initiative is in itself the biggest failure.You should not fear the outcome if at all you do what is right and required to succeed.

Negative attitude,Some students fail because they think they are destined to failure,they don't work hard because they think their graphs are already drawn and bad lack is their guide.You ought to understand that you are capable because God created all of us to be victors and it is therefore appropriate for us to add more value to ourselves.

Lack of goals,some fail because the have nothing for which to achieve and they therefore end up doing little in everything and end up failing in all.

Some fail to prioritize their activities and they therefore fail eventually.Some students don't prioritize their activities,they therefore invest their strength on things that don't matter and abandon the things that matters.If one fails to prioritize his/her activities,one ends up failing in all.

Lack of persistence,some give up in face of hardships which lead many into quitting.One should keep on focusing on the goal despite the challenges that one meets on the way because people who succeed are those who persist.

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