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The implication of sin to a person either a professing Christian or a Non-Christian


Date Posted: 6/7/2012 1:03:58 AM

Posted By: Tonnie  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 70

Every day as we wake up we are welcomed by bliss morning air and fine sunrise rays. We say the morning is good and the day will be fine. But owl predicament is cut short by early morning news from media.
Horror of crime we reported by owl television sets, radios and news paper. Some too horrible for owl ears to believe. It’s happening in owl country and around us.
Today 11th March, 2012 as I was preparing to write this paper, two serious crimes were reported by both Nation TV and Daily Nation paper.
i. A pastor killed a member of his church in cold blood. It was said, the pastor had been having an affair with the lady. Angry mob demolished his church, looted everything and burnt it.
ii. A religious fanatic threw a grenade at busy Machakos Country bus stage in Nairobi kill three people and injuring several other who have been taken to various Hospitals in the city.
Young and old, Great men, philosophers have wrestled with today’s problem without getting concrete answer
What has happened to the man who is created in the image of God?
Why has he reduced himself lower than a beast he was commanded to rule?
In this paper I am going to deal with these and many more questions why man is not living to the command and standard of God. Man and sin is course dealing with man and how sin has affected him.
Sin has corrupted man and he has failed to live up to God’s standard.
Instead of man living the way God intended him to be, he has turned to follow his own desires which are against God’s commandment. Sin is rebelling, ignoring God’s rule.
God doesn't intend to burden us with many rules but are guide to us to live fuller life, a life that God

will be honored.
I will address the effect of sin in a man and the final result of those who harden their heart to choose their ways rather than God way.

There are three major causes of sin cited in owl study guide, but before I explain what they are, let me define what sin is.
Sin is anything that violate God’s standard of righteousness. This is by breaking His law, leaning to ones understanding and missing the mark of intended purpose of man’s creation.
Then what causes man to violate God’s law and sin against his will?
Ignorance is when a person knows the truth, the effect of sins in his life but hardness his heart to his conscience.
This is a sin, its ignoring the known truth and warning from owl hearts. The willfully refusal to do and folw the commandments of God.
Ignorance causes ones understanding of things of God’s will that lead us to do more sin.
God in His grace winked when we lacked understanding, He forgave us the sin of ignorance.
But now He says “1 Peter 2; 15” For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put silence the ignorance of foolish.
Our wise walk in the ways of God will allow ignorance of foolish men to be changed by the grace of God and to accept His only begotten son Lord Jesus Christ and there will be an increase in the Kingdom of God.
Means to wander from right way, Prophet Isaiah said, “All we like sheep we have gone astray: we have turned everyone to his own way. (Isaiah 53; 6)
Isaiah was addressing God’s people who had gone out of the way, followed men, tradition and practice of nations.
People go astray knowingly or ignorantly, one can overstretch God’s word to justify his character, over look the word, think some passage are less important or lean to your own understanding.
One may begin by making a mistake of taking the wrong turn, but before long he will be drifting into more sin and become enemy of God, by straying further and further away from the true path.
Apostle Peter say, “1 Peter 2 : 25 “For ye were as sheep going astray; but now return……... If find yourself wandering return to God, And His grace is sufficient for you (2 Corinthians 2:9)
Disobedience is refusing to listen:
Obstinate rejection of the will of God.
A deliberate choice to ignore God’s commandment, when one hear but refuses to listen or to act on.
i. Hearing a miss – Hearsay causes baby Christian and non Christian to be disobedient to God
ii. Refusing to listen – Blinding ones understanding to the word of God Hebrew 4 : 7 ; 11
The judgment of God awaits people who harden their hearts that they become unpersuadable by the power of God and his Spirit.
When we consider the character of sins, we look at three categories thus missing the mark, ungodliness, injustice, rebellion, lust and evil.
This is falling away from God’s righteous standard. This occur when one make moral choices that is offensive to God and against His will.
i. We miss the mark
a) When we take the wrong road embarrassing wrong teaching about God.
ii. Getting off the mark
b) When driven by owl lust to act against the will of God
iii. Being substandard
c) When we do not give ourselves fully to God, to be controlled by his power, when we make moral choice that is offensive to God.
a) Ungodliness – is living in a way that opposes to the character of God. When owl thoughts acts opposes the character of God
b) Unrighteousness
This absence of righteousness in owl lives or failure to measure up to God’s standard.
c) Lawlessness
This is choosing ones way and failing to live under Gods righteous law

The people who practice these conditions suppress the truth of God. They have chosen Evil to fulfill their lust.

It’s a sin of treating people unfairly or refusing to accord them their rights
All people originated from one man we are brothers and sisters, we are dependant to one God.
God detest practicality or favorite but fair judgment should be given to all Leviticus 19:15 says, “Ye shall not do unrighteousness in judgment………”

Sin of refusing to act on well known law of God. It’s a sin of willfully stubbornness or disobedient. Rebellious person has hardened his heart and closed his heart from God. He has rebelled to his way and taken his own way.
The bible says, “Hear o heavens, and give ear earth. For the Lord hath spoken: I have nourished and brought up children and they have rebelled against me.
Isaiah was reminding people to count God’s goodness before they rebel against Him.

Lust is a strong desire for a thing or something in this life we can’t be satisfied until we find Christ and be like Him.
Lust is uncontrollable desirers for doing or possessing something. When a natural man is ruled by his flesh and have not allowed it to die with Christ. Bible says, “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and pride of life is not of the Father, but is of the world.
Sins is revealed by uncontrolled desire that entice a person to sin.

The word evil is often repeated in the bible. People who have their mind sealed by devil are called evil people.
When one does a thing with an evil intent, most hypocrites are evil people.
The people in time of Noah were evil, they had corrupted their mind and every thought of their heart was evil, they had malice, everything they did was in bad intent. (Genesis 6:7; 13)
Jesus in His ministry had a problem with Pharisees because they attended His meetings with evil plan.
Jesus said: for from within, out of the heart of men proceed evil thoughts (mark 7:21)
The change of one’s heart by accepting Jesus can drive away evil.

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