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Importance of using a pressure cooker in our homes.


Date Posted: 7/15/2012 11:40:09 AM

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Pressure cooker is a 'sufuria' with a lid that has valves and can be tightened when being used. The food is allowed to cook under pressure. The valves release the extra pressure to avoid bursting since the lid is tightened to prevent any leakage of pressure inside the 'sufuria'.

Pressure cooker has the following advantages:

i) The food takes the shortest time possible to cook.

ii) Energy used to cook is limited thus minimize the cost of fuel.

iii) Food is exposed to very high temperatures killing all micro organisms and thus preventing disease related to poor cooking.

iv) All the nutrients and aroma is retained since there is no direct evaporation.

v) It can be used to cook nearly all type of foods.

vi) It tenderizes the food thus anybody can consume even the toddlers,sick and very old.

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