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My mother's cherished heart.


Date Posted: 9/3/2012 3:48:22 PM

Posted By: afriqueunique  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 658

I Love my mother..
She listens with it when she complains and complains about anything at all.
Her heart just understands that she complains with her heart all the time.
I cherish her heart..
She understands with it when she gets hatred and jealous..
When she feels so bad about how she gets somewhere close to other friends and when she complains and says loudly, "Its over with my child a hundred times..
Her spirit just knows she likes that with her heart and soul.
I cherish her heart..
She smiles with it every time.
She gets a biblical text and scriptures from her old bible..
She doesn't complain that they are too much or it is boring to read them,
I cherish her Heart.
She forgives with it every time everywhere, She says,"i am sorry my child" .
She doesn't keep count of the sorries and she doesn't go back to retrieve the past issues every time a new one arises.
She forgets everything. Sorry is a sorry word for both.
She knows that when she says she is Sorry.. She does that with whole Heartedly
Thanks mom.

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