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How to take care of your pet


Date Posted: 9/28/2012 12:23:30 PM

Posted By: SimonMburu  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 838

Pets are animals that live next to us for luxury and friendship purposes. A pet could be any animal provided the owner considers it beautiful and likes to have it around. Many people like keeping pets but they don't give much care on how the animals survive in an environment that is not their nature. Like cattle and poultry, pets also need good care so that we, human beings, can also be safe around them. The following tips will help you to keep a beautiful and healthy pet.

1. Feed it appropriately: Since the pet is a domestic animal and it does not hunt, it depends on you for its food. Failure to feed it will make its health horrible especially when dogs are the subject here. Unlike cats which may hunt mice, birds and other small animals, dogs can never hunt and they may end up being mongrels roaming the streets in search for food. A dog keeper should provide good and adequate food for the animal in order to keep it healthy.

2. Clean its environments: A dog's kennel can be the breeding ground for skin diseases and flees if left unclean. The kennel should be cleaned on regular bases and build in a manner that will allow fresh air to circulate freely. A bird's cage should also be given the same attention.

3. Veterinary care: Taking the animal once or twice to the vet for a check up is also recommended as deadly diseases like rabies could be curbed and help keep the animal healthy and safe when it's around human beings.

4. Give it a spray birth: No animal wants to live with other creatures itching its skin all day and night. A good treated spray on its fur helps eliminate all flees and ticks making the animal comfortable.

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