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How to be financially responsible to those you love


Date Posted: 10/21/2012 1:09:43 PM

Posted By: Dougy Songs  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 325

Do you ever wake up in the morning and watch news on tv or listen to the news over the radio? Do you hear a number of lives lost in accidents, clashes, hospitals and etc? Do you always ask what will happen to their families?Or do you ever think that even you, can be one of them?
Most of us after visiting accident scenes, the thought of death vanishes from our minds. We move on with life forgetting nothing tragic could ever happen to us.
In eventuality of death, are you responsibly prepared?
Being responsible person includes being financially responsible, both in life and in death, to those you love. It is so shameful when one get sick or dies and leaves chaos behind him, people fighting for your wealth, harambee are held to raise money for hospitals bills or school fees for children. Your property gets auctioned when you have gone because of debt defaulting leaving your family as paupers.
All this is because you were financially irresponsible. It is hard for your family when you get sick or die and especially when fighting over property begins.
-To spare your loved ones this pain, if you love them, you should be responsible enough and do what needs to be done when you are still a live.
-If you love your spouse, children and dependents you must put it in action by doing the right things for them like having a WILL which is updated regularly, saving for them, clearing your loans and mortgages and making sure if you happen to die your children will still go to that good school.
-When you have affairs in order, you feel freer in mind. You will be okay if you made provisions for your loved ones in case you are not physically around.

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