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Some of The Common Skunk Removal Methods Around Your Home


Date Posted: 10/21/2012 12:56:45 PM

Posted By: sashoo  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 382

Spring time comes with its cost - the essence of skunk, and skunk removal. When frightened, skunks are notorious for secreting a liquid with powerful odor. While the medium sized mammals will often use it as a defensive weapon, whoever can stand the stink? Yet, skunks that inhabit in the urban environment feed on food wastes, just like raccoons, and are not uncommon household guests. But just how do you get rid of these problematic mammals? Read on.

Firstly, ensure you don't have any leftovers on your garbage can. In fact, seal the old food in your garbage bag, and be sure to tie it real hard, so the skunks won't smell the food at all. Likewise, clean up all outdoor pet food as skunks will eat this cat, and dog, food, as well. And if they feel threatened by your dog, they'll only spray that stinky odor on them.

When you see a skunk, never go after them. Yelling at them will only make them run for the hills. Have some traps set, instead, and put stinky food inside of them. If you do catch some skunks, inform your animal authorities, SPCA for instance, and let them deal with those skunks. Being professionals, they know how to handle the stinky spray should the skunks attack.

Don't ever try to hurt them, or hit the skunks with something. Don't let your pets do the same, either. Skunks will attack when cornered badly, and can hurt your pets, as well.

Equally noteworthy, you''ll want to find the skunks' entry point. Usually, it's at the foot, or foundation, of a building. You'll find that the pit isn't a lot larger compare to a softball, but skunks aren't big, either. In fact, they are only as large as a baseball, except for the far that might

make them appear to be big. Note that these animals are unmatched excavators, meaning they can take several entry points.

All the same, assuming you have found these entries, what do you do, next? While you might want to put moth balls, some other liquids, or fragment repellents in the tiny pits, it will not work. These creatures must be physically withdrawn to resolve the trouble. Picture this: if moth balls were put at your front entrance, would you leave? A resounding no. Note that moth balls are only meant for moths.

Perhaps, the most competent means to eliminate the mammals, who spray without letting any perfume on themselves, is seeking professional service. If you're going to execute it, in person, ensure you are going to do nothing that will be next to threatening them, otherwise, what you'll be doing next, is struggling to remove skunk essence. Plus take note that a single drop of skunk odor is sufficient to restrain people off you.

For, however, a permanent solution towards skunk removal, professional service would do. Pros would fix the problem once and for all. And certainly, skunks will now be a thing of the past. Otherwise, you don't want to be removing skunks, plus their essence, again and again. Not forgetting, did you know skunks could spray their liquid up to thirty-five feet, even, without the wind?

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