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How to celebrate Christmas in an affordable way


Date Posted: 10/31/2012 12:48:29 PM

Posted By: meg soni  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2477

It is two months before christmas, by now you should have already planned on how to celebrate this event. Many would prefer a vacation but cannot afford it. However, this does not mean that the only thing you can do is stay home; have a home cooked meal. There are several cheap vacations. Here are a few vacations ideas:

You can visit the nearest wildlife sanctuary with your dear ones enjoying the moment in the wild. The cottages in these sanctuaries are not expensive; the excitement of spending a night in the wild could be interesting. Remember, kenya is well endowed with wildlife and even foreigners travel from their countries just to enjoy the scenery, therefore, why not enjoy it yourself.

Go camping or trekking in the wild, make sure you have everything you need. A christmas under star lit sky is a great idea of having fun. You can also explore other towns or better yet, your own town. Many at times you look at your town in the eyes of a local but not a tourist. Visit the attractions in the town, take photos; try restaurants you have never been to.

Visit upcountry, it is fun going to the village for Christmas festivities. Why not meet up members of your extended family at your grandparents home relieving the good old days? This allows everyone to gather together for holiday, from those who are in school, college and work.

Visit local parks, it is enjoyable for the whole family. Parks are spacious, they offer a range of activities like having picnics and playing games. Uhuru park, for example, is a great family get away with lots of fun filled activities including boat riding, which is most famous there.

If you reside in the coastal area, go to the nearest beach with family, friends

and other relatives. Take things like camping tents, small stoves, ready to make food packets, drinks and CD player with you. This way, the entire outing will not cost you much. Make sure to have a nice bonfire; dance away till the wee hours.

If going is not your kind of thing, then spend the day indoors. But make it interesting with indoor games and fun filled activities. You can decide to have a picnic in the backyard with the rest of the family members.

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