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Binary options trading in Kenya


Date Posted: 5/24/2013 1:02:43 PM

Posted By: prime  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: -8

We have looked at Forex trading in Kenya now let us look at binary options trading in Kenya. Binary options is the new kid in the financial market. It involves predicting whether commodities, currency pairs, stocks or even stock exchanges themselves will rise or drop. Yes you can actually make money when stocks go down. That is an aspect that traditional Forex does not have.

Apart from the fact you can make profits when currency's go down, it also brings in some of the highest profit margins that are normally between 70 to 94 %. basically it means if u invest 100 dollars correctly you can earn 70 dollars profit in one trade.

This all seems really great but there is a downside. Most binary option accounts do not have advanced analysis tools or platforms hence it is more or less high priced gambling. And if you trade wrongly then loose your investment. So in a way it is quite risky.

Another downside to binary options accounts is that most do not have demo accounts. Yes this means most people have to learn while they are on their toes. Trust me when I say that more people have lost money that made money on binary options.

But there is a glimmer of hope. Most of the success stories in binary options are people who were previously Forex traders. So how do you ask do they do it. Well essentially the Forex market and binary market are essentially the same. Forex trading however has a lot of advanced methods of predictions. Anyone who knows how to do this can easily apply this to binary options just by obtaining a Forex analysis platforms that he uses concurrently with the binary options platform. That way you have much higher accuracy at prediction.

So my advice is that

you should learn how to trade Forex and use it to make profits but on those days that you're predictions only show losses then you quickly go to binary options and make profit from that. Yes a win win situation so please give it a try.

Currently the only two binary options brokers with demo accounts are marketsworld and binoa so enrol with these and practice with the metatrader4 platform and you are on the road of success when it comes to binary options trading.

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