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Beware of the rebound love


Date Posted: 5/24/2013 6:23:30 AM

Posted By: monigal  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: -158

“There is no hurt any deeper than to fall deep in love with the idea of love only to realize you gave the idea to the person you no longer love.”

Once in a while we have each fallen in love and lost in the pursuit. No feeling in the world is equivalent to the feeling of having loved and lost. The vacuum created in the heart is unbearable and seems like it may never end. We are more so scared of loving again.
One may feel like the only way to remove the pain is by filling in the space with another person that is getting into another relationship. This is extremely natural because nature does not allow the existence of a vacuum. However this has dire consequences on the person and also on the person he/she is getting involved in.

First of all, the person is vulnerable and emotionally unstable. When you break up with another person there is a feeling of being let off gravity. The change has a tremendous effect on your life. The life you once shared with this other person is lost and everything has to change. You become emotional and vulnerable as there is a lot of hurt that exists in your body. You feel like your world came crashing down. There feeling of anger against your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. A person just out of a relationship will look for a person who looks exactly like the other person. You who get involved with him/her will feel like you have the burden of filling someone else’s shoes which may prove to be very difficult.

Secondly, the relationship has short shelf life. This means that the relationship will not last so long. This is because you will be a mere distraction to

the person. You will help to serve as just as a cushion to shield the pain and help him/her to just feel good for the moment. He / she will be merely using you so that they may be able to get through the pain. Because you cannot fill the shoes of the one who left then you will soon be disposed off when he/she finds someone else who they find more suitable them.

Thirdly, the relationship will be a pity party. This is because there will be recounts of the past and h/she will discuss their ex. The intimacy will be out of a need to feel someone close to them and also to numb the pain. Once the grief is gone the person will find no more need for you as a lover.

Finally, the most reasonable thing to do when encountered by a rebounder is to let him/her heal up first is to let them heal. Even if it feels painful or feel like you have the need to be with the person. Once they are healed and have walked past the pain they had, he /she will be able to see you and develop a healthy relationship. This relationship may lead to marriage.

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