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How to beat monotony while writing online


Date Posted: 11/13/2013 8:16:40 AM

Posted By: duketrix  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 184

A lot of people come online with lots of expectations. Most of them only aim at getting rich quick. Most people with this ambition end up falling prey to the many online scammers, and end up being extorted instead of making money. This makes them quite working or even believing that one cannot really make money while writing. However one can really make an honest earning working online.

Another group of people are those that come online with a lot of morale to work and have their financial issues sorted as soon as possible. Most of them end up making some cash, while there is still a small percentage of them who burns out soon after their first pay. I thank God that ever since I started working online there has never been a time when I burnt out, all simply because I follow simple techniques of beating monotony. I am going to explain below some of the techniques which have really worked for me hoping they will be of great help to you too.

• Start small.
Never expect to get rich overnight. Many people who are successful online have a story to tell, they all started small and little by little they are where they are currently. Having enormous dreams will only land you on internet scammers. This is why I always advice people not to even look at the internet post that tell you how you can make $1200 a day. That does not exist! So start small.
Also if you are a new writer, do not expect to submit 10 articles per day. You will only run out of words and you will quit on the forth one. I will advice that you first try at least three in a day and try to set your limit a little

bit higher every day.

• Work when you can
It is said that the best time to work is in the morning while your brains are still fresh. Of course this is the time you need to work online and concentrate to the fullest. Normally your concentration decreases by the day, so work hard when you can, and by the time the concentration just ceases you will have written and earned much for the day.

• Avoid interruptions
Interruptions will waste your better part of concentration. Avoid any thing that can easily destruct you from concentrating, such as noise, chats, music, movies and even women or men. Keep your mind glued to the topic and by the time you notice, you will be on your seventh article.

• Look for easy topics
Never stress yourself with hard topics. After all the requester will not pay you more because you have submitted a hard topic. Easy topics are faster and enjoyable to write than harder ones. For example, I do not like writing product review, this is simply because I do not know or I have never used most of the products there. Also there may be scanty information about the product. Therefore I only focus on easy to write topics. Most of the easy to write topics are found at night in many website that offer writing work.

• Listening to cool hymns, classical melodies in low volumes
There is just something with these melodies that just refreshes your mind as you write. I have been listening to them while writing and guess what they only take me deep in to my topic of writing. However listen to them in low volumes. I also do not listen to the ones I love or I know because they can make me sing along with them thus loosing concentration. Wish you the best as you are working towards beating monotony working online.

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