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2024 Grade 4 Home Science Lesson Notes Term 1,2,3

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Download professionally prepared grade 4 Home Science Lesson notes for the year 2021. The document covers all grade 4 Home Science topics for three terms The notes are prepared with grade 4 teaching standards met.
Needs of a child
• A need is something that is necessary to a child for a healthy life.
• A child has various needs for healthy development. A child needs food, shelter, clothing, play and rest.
1. Food provides us with energy to play, grow and remain healthy.
2. Clothes keep us warm and cover our bodies.
3. Shelter protects us from hot sun, rain, wind and danger.
4. Playing keeps us fit, strong and healthy.
5. Resting relaxes our bodies.

Games in our Locality
• Play is a physical activity which improves our health.
• We play games to keep healthy, for fun and enjoyment.
• There are different games that we play in our locality.
• Some games are played using play items while others are played without play items.
• Some of the games that we play in our locality include; football, hula hooping, hide and seek, sack race, riding tyres, playing using bean bags, rope skipping, computer games and singing games.
• Playing games keeps our bodies fit, strong and healthy.

Play Items
• Some games such as football, netball, rope skipping and hula hooping require play items.
• Other games like hide and seek do not need play items.
• Play items are things that we use when playing games. Examples of play items are bottle tops, balls, bean bags, skipping ropes, hula hoops, ropes, old tyres, slides and bouncing castles.
Qualities of a Good Play Item
• We should use good play items to play games.
• The items should be safe and should not hurt us.
• Use the right play items to play the right games.
• We should play games with the right play items.
• A good play item should be:
1. Of the right size so that we can use it safely.
2. Safe to use so that we can avoid injuries.
3. Easy to make using locally available materials.
4. Able to last long so that we do not have to keep replacing it.
5. Easy to carry to our playing field.

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