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  • ECON 140: Economic Growth and Development Notes

    ECON 140 NOTES ECONOMIC GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Definition of growth and development Growth is narrow concept confined only to change in the output/income of an economy which in turn is the sum of the output changes in the primary (agriculture), secondary (manufacturing) and tertiary sectors...

    University, Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics/Sociology : Economic Growth and Development

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  • Information Communication Technology (ICT common unit) Notes

    These are the lecture notes for ICT common unit, taught at certificate module two level, diploma module one level and degree year one level. 1. INTRODUCTION TO ICT Concept of ICT ICT is an acronym for “information communications technology”. Many people ask what is ICT. 1. Information – (or...

    College, Certificate/Diploma in Information Communication Technology: Information Communication Technology

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  • CPA Notes on Taxation

    This document consists of summarized notes on taxation which will help in CPA EXAMS. The documents speaks more about types of taxes, objectives of taxation among others.

    College, CPA: CPA

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  • Agricultural Engineering Notes on Drainage Methods

    Agriculture engineering course is a wide based study accumulating wide spectrum of topics, in this article you will be in a position to study the DRAINAGE topic with all its sub topics, this is a module three course in Diploma level.

    College, Diploma in General Agriculture: Drainage Methods

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  • CDEV 202: Counseling Psychology Notes

    Counselling Psychology is a subject that is specially designed to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitude concerning developmental and mental issues of individual across the lifespan. INTRODUCTION TO COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY TABLE OF CONTENTS Preliminary pages ? Table of...

    KNEC, Diploma in Community Development: Counseling Psychology

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  • EDF 211: Philosophy of Education Notes Part One Notes

    Comprehensive and easy to understand notes with sample revision Questions and guidelines on how to respond to the questions. This is Part of EDF 211 notes. Part Two contains further areas in in Dimensions of Education

    University, Bachelor of Education : Philosophy of Education

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  • "Mastering the Art of Strategic Marketing: Unveiling Proven Techniques for Business Success"

    A marketing course typically covers a wide range of topics to provide a comprehensive understanding of the field. Here are some common topics we have discussed : Introduction to Marketing Consumer Behavior Market Research Marketing Strategy Product Management Pricing Strategies Promotion...

    College/University, Marketing: Marketing

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  • KMTC First Aids Notes

    ?? Attention all! ?? Are you looking to enhance your first aid knowledge and be prepared for any emergency situation? Look no further! We're excited to offer you comprehensive and easy-to-understand first aid notes for just Ksh.300! ?? Why Choose Our First Aid Notes? ?? 1. **Comprehensive...

    KMTC, Diploma & Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics: First Aid Notes

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  • COP 205 : Software Engineering Methodologies Notes

    This is a comprehensive summary notes of Software Engineering Methodologies. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Software Engineering - It is a branch of computer science, which uses well-defined engineering concepts required to produce efficient, durable, scalable, in-budget and on-time software...

    University, Bachelor of Computer Science: Software Engineering Methodologies

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  • UCI 203 Notes on Excel Training

    A simplified easy to follow guide on EXCEL FORMULA, Spreadsheet Manipulation techniques for data entry, analysis and presentation.

    University, Information Technology: Excel Training

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  • Introduction to Database Management Systems (DBMS) Key Terminologies

    Introduction notes to Database Management Process. DBIT Second Semester.

    College/University, Diploma in Business Information Technology: Introduction to Database Management Systems

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  • MATH 211: Calculus II (Integral Calculus) Notes

    INTEGRAL CALCULUS II MATH 211 This course is done at 2nd year of study under the following fields: B.ED Science Bsc computer science Bsc general,Bachelor of ICT Bsc Economics and statistics

    University, Bachelor of Education (Science): Mathematics

    Price: KES :  300

  • HAS 112: HIV, AIDS and STI(S) Notes

    The documents contain notes on HIV , AIDS and STIs Areas Covered -Fundamentals of HIV -Prevention of HIV and AIDS -Management of HIV and AIDS -Strategic behavior change communication (SBCC) -Home and community based care (HCBC) -STIs ..................

    College, Public Health: Public Health

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  • Pharmacology notes on antidepressants and their mode of action and side effects

    Pharmacology notes on antidepressants and their mode of action and side effects.

    College, Diploma in Nursing: Pharmacology

    Price: KES :  300

  • Concrete Technology Notes

    Concrete Technology Notes for Diploma in Building and Construction Module II.

    College, Diploma in Building and Construction: Concrete Technology

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  • Certificate in plumbing Notes: Module 1 (Plumbing Tools)

    Plumbing tools are one of the essentials that makes work simple and without them no work can be done.This notes provides their uses and where to apply each of them for better results.This tools are also examinable during knec examinations.Buy and study smart.

    College, Certificate in Plumbing: Plumbing Tools

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  • SPH 201: Dynamics Notes

    Simplified lecture notes for sph 201: Dynamics unit for second year of study. Carefully and professionally designed to help you understand easily.

    Maseno University, Bachelor of Science: Dynamics

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  • HE/CU/TT/CC/06/5/A: Occupational Safety and Health Services Notes

    CDACC LEVEL 4,5 AND 6 LECTURE COMPLETE NOTES BROAD OBJECTIVE: To equip the learner with knowledge, skills and attitude to enable him/her recognize, monitor and control Occupational health hazards at work place. SSUBJECT OUT-LINE: At the end of the course the learner should be able...

    College, Perioperative Theatre Technology: Occupational Safety and Health Services

    Price: KES :  300

  • HE/CU/TT/CC/06/5/A: Environmental Literacy Notes

    CDACC level 5 and 6 notes SUMMARY OF LEARNING OUTCOME 1. CONTROL ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS Purpose and content of EMCA 1999 Storage of environmentally hazardous material Disposal methods of hazardous waste Types and uses of PPEs Occupational safety and health 2. Control of environmental...

    College, Perioperative Theatre Technology: Environmental Literacy

    Price: KES :  300

  • MIC 414: Molecular Genetics Notes on Ultrastructure of Chloroplasts

    These are comprehensive and up-to-date notes on the ultrastructure of chloroplasts for MIC 414 course. They provide a thorough overview of the structure, organization, and functions of chloroplasts within cells. The notes include detailed explanation on the components of the chloroplast, their...

    University, Bachelor of Science: Molecular Genetics

    Price: KES :  80

  • Underground Cables Notes For Diploma in Electrical Engineering

    The notes are well researched for the complete topic to enhance proper understanding of the topic. UNDERGROUND CABLES Introduction Electric power can be transmitted or distributed either by overhead system or by underground cables. The underground cables have several advantages. Advantages of...

    TVET, Diploma in Electrical Engineering: Power Generation and Transmission

    Price: KES :  100

  • Installation Planning and Design Notes

    The notes are well organized, properly researched to suit your needs. INSTALLATION PLANING & DESIGN Wiring system - A wiring system is a network of wires connecting various accessories for the distribution of electrical energy from the supplier’s meter board to the numerous electrical...

    College, Diploma in Electrical Engineering : Building Safety and Protection

    Price: KES :  100

  • Business Ethics Notes

    1.1. Definition of ethics What are ethics? I am sure you have come across the word ethics as used in different situations. Let us now look at the various definitions of Ethics. The term “ethics” is derived from the Greek word “ethos” which refers to character or customs or accepted behaviours....

    University, Bachelor of Commerce, Entrepreneurship and procurement : Ethics

    Price: KES :  200

  • CDACC Level 5 Lecture Notes: Management of Health Information

    CDACC level 5 lecture notes COURSE OUTLINE. 1. COLLECTION OF HEALTH DATA. ? Meaning of terms. ? Data collection tools. - Design. - Selection - Evaluation - Documentation. ? Data collection points. 2. PROCESSING OF HEALTH DATA. ? Meaning of terms. ? Data capture. ? Computation of health...

    College, Health Records and Information Technology: Management of Health Information

    Price: KES :  300

  • Project Management Information Systems Notes

    1. INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS Information system refers to various information technology systems like computers, software, database, communication systems, the internet, devices, and others used by an organization to collect, transfer, organize, and store data. Bursting with changes,...

    College, Diploma in Project Management: Project Management Information Systems

    Price: KES :  200

  • Diploma in Project Management: Project Procurement Management Notes

    1. INTRODUCTION TO PROJECT PROCUREMENT MSNAGEMENT Procurement is the process of acquiring goods and services by purchasing, renting, or leasing. The procurement process includes preparing specifications and solicitations. The procurement process also includes evaluating bids and proposals,...

    College, Diploma in Project Management: Project Procurement Management

    Price: KES :  200

  • Certificate in Plumbing: Plumbing Theory Notes

    Plumbing Theory Roles of the plumber 1.ToInstall, repair and maintain water treatment equipment. 2. To install, repair and maintain water heaters and conditioners 3. Fit and install firefighting systems and equipment. . 4.Carry out domestic and outdoor water supply. 5. Install pipe work and...

    College, Certificate in Plumbing: Plumbing Craft Theory

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  • Diploma in Information Communication Technology: Entrepreneurship Notes

    COURSE OUTLINE 1. ENTREPRENUERSHIP- definition of terms -contribution of entrepreneurship towards national development -self-employment verses salaried employment 2. EVOLUTION OF ENTREPRENUERSHIP -history of entrepreneurship in Kenya -economic, political and social factors affecting...

    College, Diploma in Information Communication Technology: Entrepreneurship

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  • Chronic Renal Failure Notes

    This document contains Renal medicine notes (Acute Renal Failure) a subunit under 2nd Year Medicine notes. This is a high-quality renal medicine study note for both students and Clinical medicine tutors.

    College, Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery: Chronic Renal Failure

    Price: KES :  200

  • Chronic Bronchitis/Emphysema Notes for Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery

    This document contains RESPIRATORY MEDICINE Notes (CHRONIC BRONCHITIS) a 2ND YEAR subunit under Medicine unit in Clinical Medicine and Surgery. This study notes is recommended for both tutors and medical students.

    College, Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery: Chronic Bronchitis/Emphysema

    Price: KES :  200