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  • Grade 4 Home Science Notes Term 2

    Download high quality Grade 4 Home Science Notes term 2 2023. MENTOR HOME SCIENCE GRADE 4 – TERM 2 CONSUMER EDUCATION Consumer Awareness Shopping List • A shopping list is a list of items you want to buy when going for shopping. Importance of a Shopping List • Shopping list is important...

    Primary, Home Science: Home Science

    Price: KES :  100

  • Grade 4 Home Science Notes Term 1 and Term 2

    Grade 4 Home Science notes term 1 and 2 from the first topic Healthy practices to cooking food, very well covered with topics and subtopics well elaborated.

    Primary, Home Science: Home Science

    Price: KES :  120

  • Grade 4 Music Notes

    Download grade 4 Music notes. UNIT 1: PERFORMING SONGS Types of songs 1. Action songs 2. Patriotic songs 3. Sacred songs 4. Topical songs 5. Two part song 1. Action songs - Action songs are songs performed with actions. - The action can be done using hands, body or fingers. - Actions...

    Primary, Music: Music

    Price: KES :  200

  • Grade 4 Science and Technology Notes

    Science and Technology Grade 4 Notes Living things are divided into two groups • Living and non living things. • Plants and animals are living things • Non living things are stones,wood, buildings,roads, vehicles, mountains and many more others 1. Plants Characteristics of plants as living...

    Primary , Science and Technology: Science and Technology

    Price: KES :  150

  • Physical Health Education (PHE) Notes Grade 4

    Physical Health Education grade 4 notes covers the whole syllabus of grade 4 PHE. Coloured photos have been used to enhance curiosity of the learner.

    Primary, Physical Health Education: PHE GRADE Physical Health Education

    Price: KES :  200

  • Grade 4 Agriculture Notes

    Grade 4 Agriculture Notes. Covers all the strands in grade 4 agriculture CBC. The notes are short and the activities are explained to cater for every learner.

    Primary, Agriculture: Agriculture

    Price: KES :  200

  • 2023 Grade 4 Art and Craft Lesson Notes Term 1

    Download Professionally prepared Grade 4 art and Craft Lesson Notes. These are well detailed notes prepared for teaching Grade 4 CBC class. Brief Overview GRADE 4 ART AND CRAFT LESSON NOTES Picture Making • Picture making involves the application of various methods such as painting,...

    Primary, Art and Craft: Art and Craft

    Price: KES :  90

  • 2023 Grade 4 Home Science Lesson Notes

    Download professionally prepared grade 4 Home Science Lesson notes for the year 2021. The document covers all grade 4 Home Science topics for three terms The notes are prepared with grade 4 teaching standards met.

    Primary, Home Science: Home Science

    Price: KES :  130

  • 2023 Grade 4 Physical Health Education Lesson Notes term 1,2,3

    Download CBC Physical Health Education lesson notes. The notes covers all grade 4 topics.

    primary, Physical Health Education Activities : Physical Health Education Activities

    Price: KES :  150