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KCSE 2012 CRE Paper 1 Marking Scheme


Course: CRE PAPER 1

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1. (A) The literary forms used in the writing of the Bible
a) Poetry
b) Wise sayings
c) Prose or narratives
d) Letters or Epistles
e) Legal or Law expressions
f) Songs
g) Prophetic or speeches
h) Gospels
i) Philosophical essays
j) Prayers
k) Sermons
(B)Reasons why the Bible had to be compiled into its present
form by early Christians.
a) The eye witnesses of Jesus Christ were being killed.
b) In order to prevent information from getting lost/distorted
c) Due to the expansion of the church/increased number of
believers/who needed material to refer to.
d) To counteract false teachings/ teachers who were confusing the
e) To ensure that same doctrines/beliefs, were being taught to all

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