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2023 Grade 7 CRE Lesson Notes Term 1

Institution: Junior Secondary

Course: CRE

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Download CRE grade 7 cbc lesson notes. the notes are proffesionally prepared for teachers and students.
1. teachers Should thoroughly exhaust relevant areas in substrands for student to understand
2.Teachers to give asignment for students after every substrand and discuss them in class.

Below is a brief overview of the content
Importance of studying CRE The meaning of studying CRE
CRE involves the study of religious beliefs and practices of Christians.
It is the study of how human beings depend on God and how God intervenes to save human beings.
CRE is a subject studied in Kenyan schools to develop the mind, behaviour and character of the learners.
It is also a subject that shows God’s relationship with man.
Importance of studying CRE
Studying CRE is important because
It makes one understand that God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit operate as one.
It helps one dispute knowledge and attitude s to make the right decisions in life.
Enables one think critically and make moral decisions on challenges affecting one’s life and the society
One becomes exposed to cultural heritage, enhancing national unity through respect for each community.
One develops as a whole person, body, soul and spirit
One becomes courageous in the study of creation one is empowered to utilise the ability to control God’s creation
It helps you relate with each other well through care and hospitality
The moral values you acquire helps you to take care of the environment
One acquires respect for oneself and hence living a productive life
One acquires the principle of sharing and social justice, enabling them to coexist with others
One acquires the skills that enable him or her promote economic development
It enables one to acquire ICT skills as they search for more knowledge
One develops communication skills through discussion and debate with other learners.
It provides answers to life mysteries e.g. the question of life after death, the origin of mankind, etc.
It enables students to develop vivid awareness of God and how God reveals himself.
It is a career subject, whose learners major in Law and theological training.
It instills respect, protection and conservation of God’s creation.
It highly promotes human dignity.
It helps students to appreciate their culture as well.
It equips the youth with life skills such as critical thinking, which enables them to face challenges wisely.
With regard to national goals of education, it promotes national development by instilling a positive attitude towards work. It equips learners with values that promote economic development.
It helps learners to understand themselves better.
It enables students to see the power of God controlling their own lives. It enables students to respond adequately to God’s teachings and to relate well to others.

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