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  • Grade 5 French Assessment Test Term 3 2021

    Grade 5 French assessment covering the content taught in both Grade 4 and Grade 5. GRADE 5 ASSESSMENT FRENCH TERM 3 2022 NOM: …………………………………………………………………………… ECOLE: ………………………………………………………………………… 1. Réponds: a) Bon...

    Primary, French Language: French Language

    Price: KES :  50

  • Grade 4 French Assessment Term 3 2021

    Grade 4 French question paper term 3. It tests the content covered in class the whole year. GRADE 4 ASSESSMENT FRENCH TERM 3 2022 NOM: …………………………………………………………………………… ECOLE: ………………………………………………………………………… 1.Réponds : a) Comment tu t’appelle? ……………………………………………………… b) Quel âge...

    Primary, French Language: French

    Price: KES :  50

  • 2023 Form Four Biology Notes (New Syllabus)

    download form four Biology notes updated. it covers in details the examinable areas by the knec. Genetics Introduction • Genetics is the study of inheritance. • The fact that the offspring of any species resemble the parents indicates that the characters in the parents are passed on to the...

    Secondary, Biology: Biology

    Price: KES :  130

  • 2023 New Class 8 CRE Notes

    Download new updated Christian Religious Education lesson notes. The notes covers all the class 8 topics in details with topical question after every topic.

    Primary, Primary: Christian Religious Education

    Price: KES :  120

  • Grade 6 French Assessment End Term 3, 2022

    Grade 6 French Assessment contains the content that has been taught in Grades 4,5 and 6.

    Primary, French: French

    Price: KES :  50

  • Grade 6 French Oral Assessment Term 3, 2022

    Grade 6 Oral assessment questions contains questions of the topics covered in Grade 4, 5, 6. The learner should answer the questions with ease, and it also offers an opportunity to know the areas they need to be assisted.

    Primary, French: French

    Price: KES :  50

  • Grade 5 Home Science Notes

    Grade 5 Home Science notes covering all topics from the first topic Healthy Living to the last topic Clothing.

    Primary, Home Science: Home Science

    Price: KES :  150

  • Grade 2 Music Notes

    Music Grade 2 notes well covered. Covering all grade two music topics from performing to Listening and responding. All topics and subtopics well analyzed for easy teaching.

    Primary, Music: Music

    Price: KES :  150

  • 2023 Grade 6 Art and Craft Lesson Notes Term 1, 2, 3

    Grade 6 Art and Craft Lesson notes term 1, 2, 3 1.0 PICTURE MAKING Stripling Technique • Stripling is a technique in drawing used for shading pictures. • Here dots are used in various ways to create dark and light effects in drawing. • The dots used to shade pictures can be few or many...

    Primary, Art and Craft : Art and Craft

    Price: KES :  120

  • Form 1 Mathematics Notes

    NUMBERS We know that when we count we start 1,2 .... . But there are other numbers like 0, negative numbers and decimals. All these types of numbers are categorized in different groups like counting numbers, integers,real numbers, whole numbers and rational and irrational numbers according to...

    Secondary, Mathematics: Mathematics

    Price: KES :  200

  • Health of Women, Children and Young People Notes For Public Health Management Level 5 Diploma

    Learning Outcome 1: Describe the key issues relating to women’s health a. Women’s health issues identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) b. Epidemiology of women’s health: life expectancy, morbidity, most common health Conditions affecting women globally c. Biological aspects of...

    KMTC, Health of Women, Children and Young People: Health of Women, Children and Young People

    Price: KES :  100

  • Diploma in Primary Teacher Education: Child Growth and Development Notes

    COURSE CONTENT • Definition of terms like pre-natal stage, infancy, development and growth. • Nature versus nature controversy. • History and significance of child development study. • Theories of child growth and development. • Pre –natal development and birthing process....

    College, Diploma in Primary Teacher Education: Child Growth and Development

    Price: KES :  200

  • Grade 6 Home Science Lesson Notes Term 1, 2, 3

    GRADE 6 HOMESCIENCE LESSON NOTES TERM 1, 2,3 HEALTHY LIVING ADOLESCENCE (13-19 YEARS) • Pre adolescence is the stage of life between early childhood and adolescence. Who is adolescent? • Adolescent is the period between pre adolescence and adulthood. • An adolescent is a child between the age...

    Primary, Home Science: Home Science

    Price: KES :  100

  • Business Communication Notes

    Course Outline 1 English Grammar and its Usage 1 2 Enriching Vocabulary 31 3 Comprehension of Passage and Art of Summarising 69 4 Concept of Business Communication 91 5 Listening Skills 124 6 Business Correspondence 142 7 Concept of E-Correspondence 173 8 Common Business Terminologies...

    Moi University , Bachelor in Travel and Tours Management : Business Communication

    Price: KES :  50

  • KCSE 2012 CRE Paper 1 Marking Scheme

    1. (A) The literary forms used in the writing of the Bible a) Poetry b) Wise sayings c) Prose or narratives d) Letters or Epistles e) Legal or Law expressions f) Songs g) Prophetic or speeches h) Gospels i) Philosophical essays j) Prayers k) Sermons (B)Reasons why the Bible had to be...

    School, CRE: CRE

    Price: KES :  60

  • EGC 412: Counselling for Drug and Substance Abuse

    The following notes will help you understand what we mean by drug and substance abuse and also one is able to know how different drugs are differently abused, for example, how alcohol slows down our nervous system when one consumes it.

    Moi University , Counselling for Drug and Substance Abuse: Counselling for Drug and Substance Abuse

    Price: KES :  200

  • Certificate in General Agriculture: Crop production I Notes

    Course outline • Crop ecology • Land preparation • Plant propagation • Planting • Crop management practices • Crop protection • Crop rotation • Cropping systems • Seed production and quality control • Pastures and fodder crops • Staple food crops • Industrial crops • Agro forestry

    College, Certificate in General Agriculture: Crop Production I

    Price: KES :  200

  • English Encyclopedia for Secondary Education

    INTEGRATED ENGLISH LITERATURE Introduction The teaching and learning of English as a second language entails that a learner does a lot of practice in the four key areas of: i) Listening ii) Speaking iii) Reading iv) Writing This therefore means that a diagnostic approach to establish...

    School, English: English

    Price: KES :  150

  • Soil Science Notes (Diploma in Agriculture Module I)

    Download Soil Science Notes module 1(Diploma in Agriculture). Soil IL GENESIS AND CLASSIFICATION • Introductory geology • Fundamental concept of soil genesis • Soil formation • Weathering of soil • Soil profile • Introduction to soil classification • Land capability and irrigation...

    College, Diploma in Agriculture : Soil Science

    Price: KES :  140

  • Tour Operations (Theory) Notes

    Specific Objectives By the end of this sub-module unit, the trainee should be able to: a) Explain terms used in tour operations b) differentiate types of tours c) describe the roles of tour operators d) identify careers in tour operations and administration ...............

    Colleges, Universities , Certificate, Diploma, Degree in hospitality and tourism management : Tour Operations

    Price: KES :  300

  • l'article defini / indefini / partitif / l'adjectif possessif /

    Explanation of 'l'article defini et indefini , l'adjectif possessif taught in form 1 and two, l'article partitif taught in form 2.Profitez!

    Secondary, French: French

    Price: KES :  50

  • Grade 6 Home Science Notes

    CBC grade 6 Home Science notes for term 1,2, and 3. Covering all topics.

    Primary, CBC: Home Science

    Price: KES :  150

  • HPS 234: Project and Contract Management Notes

    PSM234. PROJECT AND CONTRACT MANAGEMENT What is a project? A project is an and endeavour in which human (or machine), material and financial resources are organised in a novel way, to undertake a unique scope of work, or given specification, within constraints of cost and time, so as to deliver...

    University/College, Bachelor/Diploma in Supply Management: Project and Contract Management

    Price: KES :  1000

  • HPS 2406: Logistics Management Notes

    ELEMENTS OF LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT DEFINITION OF LOGISTICS According to the Council of Logistics Management (CLM) “Logistics is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient and effective flow of goods, services and related information from point of origin to point of...

    University, Bachelor of Supply Chain Management: Logistics Management

    Price: KES :  1200

  • Sample Social Studies Structured Questions

    A collection of over 100 upper primary social syllabus structured questions for candidates and other learners. Questions only.

    Primary, Social Studies: Social Studies

    Price: KES :  70

  • Management of Perioperative Theatre Resources Notes

    MANAGEMENT OF PERIOPERATIVE THEATRE RESOURCES COURSE OUTLINE 1. Prepare to manage Perioperation Theatre resource • Basic management • Management theories • Perioperation Theatre resources • Theatre layout • Resource mobilization 2. Organise Perioperation Theatre resources • Staffing...

    College, Diploma in Perioperative Theatre Technology: Management of Perioperative Theatre Resources

    Price: KES :  500

  • Form 1 CRE Complete Notes

    Form one complete class C.R.E notes. Well researched and compiled from different books. Eg. KLB, Living the Promise CHAPTER FOUR THE SINAI COVENANT-MOSES SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES By the end of this topic, the learner should be able to:- a. Give the historical background to the call of Moses b....

    Secondary, CRE: CRE

    Price: KES :  200

  • Grade 6 Sample French Assessment Test End Term 2 2022

    Grade 6 assessment test for end term 2 2022. It covers all the content learnt in Grade 4,5 and part of Grade 6. Suitable for learners in Grade 6.

    Primary, French: French

    Price: KES :  50

  • Form 4 Chemistry - Electrochemistry Notes

    Form 4 Chemistry - Electrochemistry Notes

    Secondary , Chemistry: Chemistry

    Price: KES :  40

  • Grade 5 French Assessment Test End Term 2 2022

    Grade 5 assessment test at the end of term 2 2022. It covers the content taught in Grade 4 and part of Grade 5 work. It is suitable for learners learning French in Grade 5. Also suitable for learners in Grade 6 for revision purposes.

    Primary, French: French

    Price: KES :  50