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Second Year Notes for Human Resource Management: Moi University

Institution: Moi University

Course: Bachelor of Business Management

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Posted By: Mercy Amurono

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The content in this document is recommended for students pursuing a course in Business Management, Economics and Human Resource Management. It is offered in the second year of study.On the last page is a list of other reference sources a student may use alongside this document for efficient learning and revision.

1. A strategic and coherent approach to the management of organizations most valued assets – people who working there who individually and collectively contribute to the organizations objectives (Armstrong, 2006).
2. The policies and practices involved in carrying out the “people” or the human resources aspect of management position including recruiting, screening, training, rewarding and appraising (Gary D, 2008).
Strategic – Long term orientation for employing and managing people at work.
It is an area of study which is concerned with the employment, development and reward of people and the conduct of relationships between the work force and the management.

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  • Desktop Publishing Notes

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    This document contains notes on Ions, molecules and atoms in general.

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    Brief notes about factors that led to the rise of Russia and USA as super power.

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  • Auditing Notes 2nd Year: Diploma in Cooperative Management

    Co-operative University of Kenya Auditing Notes 2nd Year: Diploma in Cooperative Management Brief Overview: DEFINITION OF AUDITING The explanatory foreword to the ISA International Standards...

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  • Media Law Notes

    Media law notes for user by students and lecturers. Brief Overview: DEFAMATION The law of defamation protects the reputation of a person from defamatory statements made about him/her to a third...

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  • Introduction to Business Studies 1st Year Notes

    BUSINESS STUDIES B.COM. INTRODUCTION CLASS NOTES Course Purpose: The course introduces the learners to the business environment. It highlights the management functions, business ownership, Marketing...

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  • General Chemistry Notes: Meru University of Science and Technology

    These notes is the best ever and you will like them and will be useful to you through your revision. Brief Overview: (a.) Electronic configuration of atoms Electronic configuration is the...

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  • CHE 1205: Organic Chemistry 1 Notes

    ALKYL HALIDES (HALOALKANES) CLASSIFICATION OF HALOGEN DERIVATIVES The halogen derivatives are conveniently divided into three classes depending upon the nature of the hydrocarbon residue to which...

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  • Introduction to Information Communication Technology (ICT) Notes

    Introduction to Information Communication Technology (ICT) Notes. Detailed and comprehensive content. Brief Overview: DEFINITION OF ICT CONCEPTS: A COMPUTER It’s an electronics device used to...

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  • DIT 0403: Event Driven Programming Notes

    DIT 0403: Event Driven Programming Notes. Brief Overview: 1.1 EVENT DRIVEN PROGRAMMING When a program is event driven, its code executes in response to events invoked by the user, Operating...

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  • 2nd Year, Advanced Electrical Installation Notes

    Direct on line (DOL) Motor starter DOL is the simplest for of motor starter for the induction consist a circuit breaker or MCCB, contactor and overload relay for protection. Note: under...

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  • Entrepreneurship Skills Notes

    Top best notes on Entrepreneurship and business plan. Brief Overview: Introduction • Planning is a process than never ends for a business. • It is extremely important in the early stages of...

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  • Wiring diagram for transformer star and delta connection

    Wiring diagram for transformer star and delta connection .................

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  • Notes of Circuit Theory 1

    AC Network Analysis As discussed in d.c. network theorems, the same theorems are applicable to a.c. networks except that instead of resistances, we have impedances and instead of taking the algebraic...

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  • Notes for PSP 3427 Green and Brown Agenda

    Steps involved in Planning for an existing market from the first step to the final submission of the plan to be approved. Brief Overview: University View Market is a market that has developed as...

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  • Notes for IES 1208: Introduction to Environmental Science

    INTRODUCTION TO ENVORONMENTAL SCIENCE 1. INTRODUCTION This course presents an overview of Environmental concepts and issues of concern. the concept principles governing ecosystem structure and...

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  • Notes for COM 1200: Introduction to Computer

    UNIT I What is a computer? Is an electronic programmable device that works under the control of stored programs to accept input in the form of data, processes the input to produce output as...

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  • Notes for PSY 1206: Introduction to Guidance and Counselling

    INTRODUCTION TO GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING INTRODUCTION Definition of Terms Guidance and counseling are terms that have been used differently and sometimes interchangeably. In this lesson I have...

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  • EDF 1207: Introduction to the History of Education Notes

    Definition of History of Education The study of History of Education aims at helping teacher trainees to understand how education has evolved over the years. In order to understand the value of the...

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  • Notes for ECO 210: Intermediate Microeconomics 2nd Year

    CHAPTER ONE 1.0 Introduction Economics is the science of scarce resource allocation to meet endless human desires. The modern economics science has two major branches i.e. Micro-economics and...

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  • Lecture Notes on Economic Research Methods

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  • Modeling Insurance Losses

    Most General insurance companies have faced huge losses arising from fire industrial class of business .It is for this reason this study uses extreme value theory approach to model these returns....

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  • AEC 203: Statistics for Economists I Notes

    Notes for AEC 203: Statistics for Economists I. Brief Overview: Statistics has two distinct meanings: - Facts which can be put into a numerical form, e.g. Unemployment statistics, population...

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  • Notes for ABA 204: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

    The above document contains detailed notes which covers the unit, Human resource Management, comprehensively. Please buy the above notes to make your grades better. Brief Overview: Definition of...

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  • Notes for ABA 209: Cost Accounting

    This document contains a detailed notes which covers the unit, Cost Accounting, comprehensively including worked examples. Please buy the above notes to make your grades better. Brief...

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  • ABA 201: Behavioural Science Notes

    The above document contains a detailed notes which covers the unit, behavioural science comprehensively. Please buy the notes to improve on your grades. Brief Overview: What is an organization?...

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  • ABA 207: Organization Theory Notes

    This document contains a detailed notes which covers the unit, Organization Theory, comprehensively. Please buy the notes to make your grades better. Brief Overview: NATURE OF ORGANIZATIONAL...

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  • AEC 201 Intermediate Microeconomics Notes

    The above document contains detailed notes which cover the unit, Intermediate Microeconomics comprehensively. It has worked examples an graphs are also included for illustrations. Please buy the...

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  • AEC 205 Intermediate Macroeconomics Notes

    The above document contains a detailed note which covers the unit, Intermediate Macroeconomics comprehensively. Please buy the above notes to make your grades better. Brief Overview: Definition:...

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  • Principles of Computer Maintenance Notes

    Principles of Computer Maintenance Notes. ? The effective & efficient working of a system depends on the following four features: ? Maintenance ? Servicing ? Trouble shooting ? Repair...

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  • ECO 201: Intermediate Microeconomics Notes

    These notes are about a very important unit,the Intermediate Micro Economics.It brings out all the basic concepts of the Intermediate Micro Economics and Explains various theorems in the students...

    Price: KES :  100

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  • BBM 345: Inventory and Logistics Management Notes

    The notes describe in length the concept of inventory management within the business. They are highly efficient for Business Management students specializing in Procurement. BBM 345: INVENTORY &...

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