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Kamata Music School details

  • Address: Nairobi Moi Avenue. Leader House opposite Mt. Kenya University Towers.
  • Location: Nairobi
  • Telephone Number: 0722137784
  • Telephone Number 2: 0700070707
  • Email Address:
  • College Website:
  • Category: Music

About Kamata Music School

Kamata Music School is a Leading School of Music and Entertainment in Kenya and the wider Africa. We have many Music Students from across Africa - Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, D.R.C., South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and Malawi. We have trained over 3000 Music Students and some of the Biggest names in Kenyan Entertainment Industry. We have also trained emerging Musicians in Nigeria and Tanzania. Call us on 0722137784.
Kamata Music School is a Music training Institute that instructs broadly in Music; Voice Coaching, Music Instruments and related arts such as Music Production and DJ. We help our students achieve their vision as Musicians and recommend that all Musicians and persons interested in Music should enroll for Entertainment Management class. The class is only sh3500 per month and opens up possibilities in Entertainment career and business.

We Instruct in Music Production, DJ, Voice, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Saxophone, Violin and related instruments. Additionally we teach Entertainment Management.

Kamata School has fostered Live Bands such as Samawati Band and Kamata Cables to great prominence. You can hire our Music Bands for events; Samawati Band has graced over 130 weddings and corporate functions.

Kamata Music School is a regional Music Institute with considerable student enrollment from Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, D.R.C., Uganda and South Sudan; we have trained several renowned Musicians from these countries.

Under its belt, Kamata Music School is Nairobi Kenya premier music training facility. Positioned among major record labels and artists, we have built our brand on quality, customer service, professionalism and innovation. Over the years we have expanded our reach into the areas of education and entertainment, housing numerous events and programs that have aided artists in the advancement of their careers.

Our Website is one of Kenya’s most interactive sites. You can read and post music blogs, Watch Music Videos, Participate in Music Cover competitions, and Register for Music classes, Watch Music Tutorials, Buy Music Resources and Catch up on the Latest Musical developments. Log on to the website using your social media accounts.

Kamata School facebook Page is kamata music school. Like us and let us interact on fb.

Our twitter handle is kamataschool Please Follow Us

What The Market is Saying . . .

“The Music School in Nairobi is awesome and I am so thankful for the time and effort you have put in to make what you have, especially how you have been able to get the unrivalled level of teaching at the school. I learnt so much from the teachers; not only playing, but in their character too. They are great examples of how a musician should be in the music industry today.’’ Pattni Shah

‘’Kamata Music School is a great place to learn about the whole of the music business spectrum, in depth and hands on. The course is held by tutors who have real experience in the industry at the highest level, and it’s obvious that your career is important to them, which is really nice.’’ Julie Ochieng

“My Children seem to be really enjoying Music lessons at Kamata Music School, I love that they love it.” – Jane Mukami, Fitcon Clothing

‘’As a parent, I know that music offers children the opportunity to grow through structured learning, teamwork and results wrapped in a fun, familiar context. I want my teenage daughter to explore Musical opportunities. Kamata Music School in Westlands is great’’ Wesley patt

‘’All three of our children have been involved with Kamata School of Music, and we have had positive experiences. The teachers have matched our children personalities, and have been an inspiration in keeping our children working hard with their music’’. Michelle Hoffman,
Music Classes

Each session is an hour.
Very flexible pattern
Music Tutorials, Live Music sessions, Interactive Music learning and Music Theory

Courses offered at Kamata Music School

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Why Join Kamata Music School

  • Kamata Music School has Graduate, Experienced and most Seasoned Music Teachers in Kenya. We are committed to ensuring every Music and Entertainment enthusiast achieves their objective once they join Kamata Music School. We are Kenya and Africa's favorite Music Learning Institution.
  • The Kenyan Entertainment and Media Industry (E&M) was worth Sh216.9 billion in 2016, up 13.6 percent in 2015. This is according to PwC’s Entertainment and Media Outlook report 2017. The report forecasts growth in the industry at 8.5% totaling to sh 330.5 Billion by the year 2021.
  • In Kenya, the creative industry is growing speedily. There are immense opportunities for Young people and enthusiasts keen on making valuable contribution in the industry. We seek to give guidance and provide an eye opening experience for those who would wish to work, invest, expand knowledge or create a thriving career in entertainment.
  • Our Entertainment Management mentor-ship program is a practical approach class, instructed by celebrities and business leaders to help you succeed in entertainment business. We shall help you understand the terrain in the Music Business world. This is a great opportunity to learn from people who have made it in entertainment business. You shall also gain hands on experience by participating in entertainment research, group work and illustration projects.
  • The Entertainment Management Program covers various Key aspects requisite to good performance in entertainment business. Here are the major areas that we train in,
  • Finance and Economics in Entertainment business.
  • Business systems and structures to build up a lasting business.
  • Risk and Compliance.
  • Entertainment products packaging and targeting.
  • Building your name, marketing and networking.
  • Work ethics and personal development.
  • Overcoming challenges in business, resilience.
  • Revenue opportunities in entertainment.
  • Entertainment Management Sessions are held on Wednesday and Saturday. The sessions are divided in two segments lasting an hour each,
  • (a) Tutorials.
  • (b) Invited Guest Interactive session.
  • Entertainment Management participants have an opportunity to interact with influential persons in entertainment and the media, while learning how to maximize on the opportunities available in the fast growing creative industry in Kenya.
  • Kamata Music School has trained over 3,000 students in Music, from Kenya and other African Countries. Many of our students have proceeded to create a rewarding career in entertainment as Music Producers, Artists, Instrumentalists, Event Organizers, Artist Managers, Live Music Performers, DJs, Music Teachers, Sound Technicians, Entertainment Entrepreneurs and Media Personalities.
  • Artists should diversify their revenue streams beyond the music industry into the whole entertainment industry.
  • “You could write music, do live performances, create music for video games and films, or even sell your own merchandise. Be prolific. Stay relevant on social media. Be curious and never stop learning,” Music producer and entrepreneur Rimbui said.
  • Creative industries’ contribution to the economy is often underestimated, with critical strategic support; the creative economy has the potential to contribute 10% of Kenya’s GDP within the next decade. In developed economies, the creative industry closely follows the finance sector as the biggest contributor to several major world economies.
  • Kenya is a creative country. You can feel it whenever you walk in our cities, visit our galleries or theatres. You can see it when you watch the best of our television shows or attend our Music concerts. And you can sense it in our Music, film, fashion and architecture. Creativity is at the heart of the Kenyan people – a defining feature of our national identity that we must utilize and reap the greatest benefit from it.
  • Everyone has someone they look up to in their field of specialization. Get someone who believes in you, someone in the industry and probably in the same genre as you. This is a person who can hold your hand and guide you. You will need them as you grow and they help you make crucial decisions. Remember your mentor can cut the learning curve for you.
  • Grow your name
  • Be part of a group in your locality, sing in your church or even perform in events organized by family members and friends. Whatever it takes to showcase your talent and get your name out there, go ahead and do it. Work on building your portfolio. Soon enough people will be booking to have you perform in their events. Have your eyes fixed on the bigger picture.
  • Be yourself
  • Avoid copying but rather focus on your uniqueness. Identify your niche and focus
  • on it. What works for someone else might not necessarily work for you. When you are yourself, everything will eventually work out.

Schools and departments

  • We Instruct in Music Production, DJ, Voice, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Saxophone, Violin and related instruments. Additionally we teach Entertainment Management.

Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Music Recording Studio, Live Band Sessions, Music Training Facilities, DJ Academy, Music Launch, Outdoor Music Learning Programs

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