Mombasa Industrial Training Centre details

  • Address: P.O. Box 82170
  • Location: Mombasa
  • Telephone Number: 041-473965
  • Email Address:
  • College Website:
  • Category: Vocational Training

About Mombasa Industrial Training Centre

Mombasa Industrial Training Centre is located along
Mombasa-Malindi road,north coast.The institution
has the following departments:
(a)Mechanical Engineering
(b)Building Construction
(c)Automotive Engineering
(d)Electrical Engineering
(f)Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
(g)Garment Making and Fashion Design
(h)Information Communication Technology
In addition,the institution is under The National Industrial Training Authority.
The institution aims at producing productive graduates through industrial training.

Courses offered at Mombasa Industrial Training Centre(28 courses)

Computer Packages( )
Certificate in Computer Programming(Computer Programming)
Certificate in Computer Operation(Computer Operation)
Certificate in Micro-Computers and Applications(Micro-Computers and Applications)
Certificate in Welding and Fabrication(Welding and Fabrication)
Certificate in Masonry, Carpentry and Joinery( )
Certificate in Building Construction(Building Construction)
Certificate in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning(Refrigeration & Air Conditioning)
Certificate in motor vehicle systems(motor vehicle systems)
Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics(Motor Vehicle Mechanics)
Certificate in Construction Technician(Construction)
Certificate in Industrial Chemistry(Industrial Chemistry)
Certificate in Electronics(Electronics)
Certificate in Electronics Engineering(Electronics Engineering)
Certificate in Electronics Technician(Electronics Technician)
Certificate in Electronics Technology(Electronics Technology)
Artisan Certificate in Masonry(Masonry)
Artisan in Welding and Fabrication(Welding and Fabrication)
Diploma in Building Technology(Building Technology)
Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning(Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)
Diploma in Computer Programming(Computer Programming)
Diploma in Motor Vehicle Mechanic I(Motor Vehicle Mechanic)
Certificate in Plumbing & Pipe Fitting(Plumbing & Pipe Fitting)
Diploma in Automotive Engineering(Automotive Engineering)
Diploma in Instrumentation & Control(Instrumentation & Control)
Diploma in Plumbing(Plumbing)
Craft Certificate in Information Communication Technology(ICT)
Diploma in Instrumentation and Control Engineering(Instrumentation and Control)
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