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Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Computer Engineering(Computer Engineering) in Kenya

  • Course Name: Diploma in Computer Engineering(Computer Engineering)
  • Major Subject: Computer Engineering
  • Course Category: Diploma
  • Average Study Duration: 1 year

Colleges Offering Diploma in Computer Engineering(Computer Engineering)

  • Rifkins Business College Rifkins Business College, Mombasa  
    (a) Level 4

    Course entry requirements:
    -A mean grade of D+ in KCSE

    Tuition fees: Ksh. 44,500

    Course duration:
    -FT 6 Months
    -PT 9 months

    Course content:
    -Computer Security
    -Computer Systems
    -Management of Projects
    -Networking Technology
    -Personal Computer Software Support
    -Optional units
    -Emerging Technologies
    -Working with ICT Hardware

    Additional Courses:
    -Computer Operations
    -Computer Assembly, Repair and Maintenance
    -Writing a Business Plan

    (b) Level 5

    Course entry requirements
    -Pass in Diploma 4

    Course duration
    -FT 6 Months
    -PT 9 months

    Tuition fees: Ksh. 43,000

    Course content
    -Human Computer Interaction
    -Internet Server Management
    -IT Security Management
    -Advanced Networking Technology
    -IT virtualization

    Optional units
    -Networking Infrastructure
    -Digital Forensics, Computing Project

    Additional Courses
    -Software installations
  • Vision Stars Training Institute Vision Stars Training Institute, Nairobi  
    Module I
    Principles of ICT system and Data security
    Customer care
    Introduction to Networking
    Personal computer software support

    Module II
    Computer systems
    Computer security
    Management project
    Networking Technology
    Personal computer software support

    Module III
    Human computer interaction
    Internet server management
    IT security management
    Advanced Networking Technology
    IT Virtualization

    Module IV
    Data centre Technologist
    Distributed and concurrent systems
    VLSI Design and signal processing
    Embedded Digital systems Engineering
    Cloud Computing and operating system

    Feeper month :Ksh 3000
    Duration 1 year 9 months
    Exam body :ABMA
  • ICS College Mombasa Branch ICS College Mombasa Branch, Mombasa  

    Course Outline

    Level 4 Diploma
    Computer systems
    Computer security
    Management of projects
    Networking technology
    Personal computer software support
    Life skills
    Level 5 Diploma

    Human computer interaction
    Internet server management
    It security management
    Advanced networking technology
    IT virtualization
    Level 6 Diploma
    Data centre technology
    Distributed and concurrent systems
    VSLI design and signal processing
    Embedded and digital systems engineering
    Cloud computing and operating systems
    Course Duration: 9 Months per level

    Exam Body: ABMA

    Grade: C- and Above
  • Atlas College of Professional Studies Atlas College of Professional Studies, Eastleigh  
    Modules Overview:
    Introduction to Engineering
    Operating systems and Installations
    System Components And Functionalities
    Preventive Maintenance
    Systems errors and Troubleshooting
    Networks Infrastructures and Sub-netting
    Network troubleshooting tools and security
    Wireless Networking

    Duration: 4 Months

    Tuition fees: 4000 Ksh Per Month
  • Murang'a University College Murang'a University College, Muranga  
    Course Name: Diploma in Computer Engineering and Technology.
    Entry Requirements:
    - KCSE mean grade C- (minus) and grades C- in Mathematics and English D+ plus OR Certificate in Information technology OR
    - Certificate in Computer Maintenance and Repairs OR
    - Any other qualification recognized by the university College
    Course Duration: 4 Semesters.
  • Unity College of Professional Studies Dandora Branch Unity College of Professional Studies Dandora Branch, Dandora  
    Course outline

    Computer & Computing
    Digital Electronics I & II
    Electronic Circuit & Testing I & II
    Microcomputer Installation System & Maintenance

    Course Duration: 1 Year.
  • Achievers College of Professionals Achievers College of Professionals, Embu  
    Examination Body: ABMA.
    Intakes: January , March, June and September Each year.
    Minimum requirements:Certificate in Computer Engineering / KCSE C
    Course duration: Six Months.
  • Christian Industrial Training Centre Christian Industrial Training Centre, Nairobi  
    Entry requirements: Certificate in Computer Engineering

    Fees: ksh.12,000 per term

    Course duration: Two terms

    Examination body: Internal City & Guilds
  • Nairobi Institute of Business Studies Nairobi Institute of Business Studies, Nairobi  
    Minimum entry requirements: Certificate in computer engineering.
    Duration: 6 months.
    Exam body: ABMA - UK.
    Intakes: January/March/June/September.
  • Milestone Institute of Professional Studies Milestone Institute of Professional Studies, Thika  
    Exam body: (ABMA)

    Requirements: (C- & ABOVE)

    Duration: 18 months

    Fee per term: 16,000
  • Skynet Business College Skynet Business College, Nairobi  
    Entry Requirements: KCSE mean grade of D Plain.
    Course Duration: 12 Months.
    Exam Body: City & Guilds.
  • Bridge College Bridge College, Nairobi  
    Duration:1 year
    Fee per term :Ksh 12000
    Entry requirement:KCSE C-
    Exam body:CSK
  • Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology, Thika  
    Course study duration: 18 months.
    Minimum admission grade: KCSE mean grade of D plain.
  • Finstock Evarsity Finstock Evarsity, Nairobi  
    Course Entry Requirements: KCSE mean grade of C- and above.
    Duration: 12 - 18 months.
  •  Aberdare Institute of Business Studies and Catering, Ruiru  
    Entry requirements:


    course duration:

    6 months
  • Aviation college of kenya Aviation college of kenya, Nairobi  
    Course admission requirements: A mean grade of C- (Minus) and Above
  • Span Institute of Technology Span Institute of Technology, Kenol  
    Mode of study: Part time, full time, evening and weekend classes
  • Jodan College of Technology Thika Main Campus Jodan College of Technology Thika Main Campus, Thika  
    Study duration: 1 academic year.
  • Tricent School of Medical and Health Sciences Tricent School of Medical and Health Sciences, Nairobi  
  •  Equator Institute of Technology and Professional Studies, Nairobi  
  • Bishop Okullu College Bishop Okullu College, Kokise  
  • Lazuli College Lazuli College, Mombasa  
  • Intrasoft Institute of Technology Intrasoft Institute of Technology, Mombasa  
  • Yaris Institute of Information and Business Studies Yaris Institute of Information and Business Studies, Mombasa  
  • Futurecom institute of professional studies Futurecom institute of professional studies, Nairobi  
  •  Nyahururu Institute of Higher Learning, Nyahururu  
  • Karma Training Institute Karma Training Institute, Isiolo  
  • Karatina Institute of Technology Karatina Institute of Technology, Karatina  
  • College of Advanced Technology, CAT College of Advanced Technology, CAT, Nairobi  
  • Damwa Institute of Professional Studies Damwa Institute of Professional Studies, Ngong  

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Universities Offering Diploma in Computer Engineering(Computer Engineering)

  • Mt. Kenya University Kitale Centre Mt. Kenya University Kitale Centre, Kitale  
    Entry Requirements:

    Direct entry:-
    For a student to be admitted into the diploma into computer engineering, he/she should certify one of the following minimum requirements.
    i. The student must be a holder of a minimum aggregate grade of C in KCSE and grade C- in Mathematics and Physics
    Or Division III in KCE with credit passes in Mathematics and English
    ii. The student must have credit pass and above in the Certificate in Computer Engineering or equivalent qualification may be considered for admission.

    Mature Entry Requirements:-
    The mature age entry requirements are as stipulated below;

    • Minimum aggregate of C- plus a relevant certificate
    • Have at least two years’ work experience in the field of study being sort
    • Pass an entrance examination set and administered by the university.
  • Mount Kenya University School of Pure and Applied Sciences Mount Kenya University School of Pure and Applied Sciences, Thika  
    Admission requirements
    - Applicants are required
    to possess any of the qualifications
    (a)A minimum of C in KCSE with
    C in maths and English/kiswahili
    and C- in physics/physical sciences or
    (b)C- in KCSE plus professional certificate in
    relevant discipline from a recognized institution.

    Course duration
    - Seven trimesters

    Tuition fees
    - Sh.25,550 per trimester
  • Mt Kenya University Mt Kenya University, Thika  
    Academic requirements
    Interested students must have attained a C in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education with a C- in both physics and maths or
    a minimum of division III with credit passes in maths and English,or hold a certificate in electrical engineering with a credit pass from a reputable institution.
    Course duration
    - Nine trimesters
    -Sh.25,500 per trimester
  • Kirinyaga university college town campus Kirinyaga university college town campus, Karatina  
    Admission requirements
    -A minimum of a C- in KCSE with a C- in maths/physics or
    -A certificate in computer engineering or its equivalent
    Period of study
    -3 years
    Mode of study
    -full time
  • Technical University of Kenya  Technical University of Kenya , Nairobi  
    Academic qualifications
    -KCSE C with C in maths/physics

    Three years

    Mode of study
    Full time
  • Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA) Faculty of Science and Information Technology Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA) Faculty of Science and Information Technology, Nairobi  

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