Colleges and Universities Offering Diploma in Business Management(Business Management) in Kenya

  • Course Name: Diploma in Business Management(Business Management)
  • Major Subject: Business Management
  • Course Category: Diploma
  • Average Study Duration: 3 Years

Colleges Offering Diploma in Business Management(Business Management)

  • Nairobi Institute of Business Studies, Nairobi
    Minimum entry requirements: KCSE mean grade of D+(plus)
    Course duration: 5 months.
    Examination body: ABE(UK)
    Intakes: January/February/June/July.

    Duration : 2 Years.
    Entry Requirements : C- (Minus) & Above.
    Examination Body: KNEC.

    Diploma in Business Management level 4
    Duration : 6 Months
    Entry Requirements : D & ABOVE
    Course Outline:
    - Three Compulsory Units
    - Introduction to Business
    - Introduction to Business Communication
    - Introduction to Quantitative Methods
    - Plus One Optional Unit
    - Introduction to Accounting
    - Accounting for Financial Managers
    - Introduction to Management Information System

    Diploma in Business Management level 5
    Course Duration : 12 Months
    Entry Requirements : C or 2 years working experience
    Exam Body: ABE

    Course Structure
    - Six Compulsory Units
    - Financial Accounting
    - Human Resource Management
    - Marketing Policy, Planning and Communication
    - Organization Behaviour
    - Quantitative Methods for Business
    - Management
    - The Business Environment
    - Plus Two Optional Units from
    - Managing the Customer Relationship
    - Economics for Business
    - Principles of Business Law
    - Entrepreneurship & Business Management
    - Managerial Accounting

    Diploma in Business Management Level 6
    Course Duration : 6 Months
    Entry Requirements : Diploma Level 5 or related Degree
    Examination Body :ABE

    Course Structure
    - Three Compulsory Units
    - Corporate Strategy and Planning
    - International Business Case Study
    - Managing in Organizations
    - Plus Two Optional Units from:
    Strategic Human Resource Management (Business Management Pathway)
    Strategic Marketing Management (Business Management Pathway)
    Project Management (B.M & Management of Information Systems Pathway)
    Corporate Finance (Business Management Pathway)
    Information Systems for Strategic (Business Management Pathway)
  • Nairobi Institute of Business Studies Distance Learning and E-learning Centre, Ruiru
    • Duration: 3 months
    • Entry Grade: D (Plain) in KCSE
    • Exam Body: ICM
    Course Overview
    Public relations is a planned and sustained approach towards creating and maintaining a positive image of an organization which is one of the core marketing tool in the today’s competitive world of business. This course aims at creating competent public relations managers and technicians who can turn around the images of business entities for the betterment of firms.
    Our Diploma in Public Relations is a six month program which will give our students a strong emphasis on the hands-on practical elements of Public Relations (PR).
    Course Content
    • The Role of Public Relations in Organizations.
    • The Evolution of Public Relations – Principles & Practice.
    • Strategic Perspective of Public Relations.
    • Internal & External Public Relations.
    • Corporate Social Responsibility.
    • Financial & Investor Public Relations.
    • Government & Lobbying Activities.
    • Corporate Advertising.
    • Issue & Crisis Management.
    • Interaction between Public Relations & Marketing.
    • Developing a Research Framework & Evaluating the PR Efforts.
  • Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development , Nairobi
    Course Outline:
    Stage one
    - English language.
    - Communication skills.
    - Information communication technology.
    - Social studies.
    - Management information system.
    - Economics.
    - Entrepreneurship.

    Stage two
    - Principles and practice of marketing.
    - Human resource management and industrial relations.
    - Social research methods.
    - Manegerial accounting.
    - Financial accounting.
    - Quantitative methods.
    - Theory and practice of management.
    - Basic mathematics.
    - Human and public relations.
    - Organization theory and behavior.
    - Project (total supervisory unit)

    Stage three
    - Office administration and management.
    - Commercial and administrative law.
    - Company and labour law.
    - Practicum

    Course Duration: One and half years.
    Minimum Entry Requirements:
    - Pass in relevant Craft certificate.
    - KCSE minimum grade of C Plain or KCE Division 2 or the equivalent and minimum C in English and Mathematics.
    - Preference will be given to those with a minimum grade of C- in any of the following subjects: Commerce, Economics, Accounting and typewriting with Office practice.
  • Kisauni Youth Polytechnic, Mombasa
    Course Outline:
    Module I
    - Communication Skills
    - Information C.T
    - Entrepreneurship
    - Business Finance
    - Economics
    - Human And Public Relations
    - Elements Of Law
    - Sales And Marketing

    Module II
    - Cost Accounting
    - Principles And Practice Of Management
    - Supply And Transport Management
    - Quantities Techniques
    - Commercial And Administration Law
    - Business Plan
    Module III
    - Managerial Accounting
    - Organization Theory And Behaviors
    - Human Resource Management And Industrial Relations
    - Office Administration And Management
    - Research Methods
    Minimum Admission Requirements: KCSE mean grade of C (Plain) or Certificate in Business Management (Module II)
    Course Duration: 18 Months.
    Examination Body: KNEC.
  • Railway Training Institute, Nairobi
    Modules available: I, II and III.
    Course duration: 2 terms per module.
    Tuition fees per term: Ksh. 12,000.
    Minimum entry requirements: K.C.S.E. Mean Grade C- for module I, pass in module I for module II and pass in module II for module III.

    1. Level 4 Diploma in Business Management.
    Entry requirements: K.C.S.E. Mean Grade D (Open entry).
    Course duration: 1 semester.
    Tuition fees: Ksh. 18,000.
    2. Level 5 Diploma in Business Management.
    Entry requirements: Diploma Level 4 in Business Management.
    Course duration: 2 semester.
    Tuition fees per semester: Ksh. 21,750.
  • Kenya Institute of Management KIM, Nairobi
    Minimum Entry Requirements:
    Either of the following qualifications:
    - KIM Certificate in Management
    - P 1 certificate
    - KATC final
    - CPA 1 /CPS 1
    - KNEC Certificate in a Business related field
    - Equivalent qualifications from a recognized institution
    - KCSE mean grade C+, with C+ in English and C+ in Mathematics/ Accounting/ Commerce/ Economics/ Business Studies
  • Laikipia University College, Nyahururu
    Admission requirements
    - Applicants must have attained a C in KCSE with a C- in maths and English or
    -Be in possession of a certificate in business management from a reputable institution
    Admission fees
    - Sh.1000
    Tuition fees
    - Sh 70,000 p.a
    Course duration
    - 2 years
    Mode of study
    - Day,evening and weekend
  • Chepkoilel University College, Eldoret
    Admission requirements

    For one to qualify for this program are required to have
    scored a minimum of a C in KCSE or hold a certificate in
    business management or any other business-related field
    from a recognized institution.

    Period of study

    Three years
  • N.E.P Technical Training Institute, Garissa
    Module I, II, and III.
    Entry requirements: Module I - KCSE mean grade of C- or pass in certificate; Module II - Pass in Module I; Module III - Pass in Module II.
    Course duration: 6 months for each module.
    Intakes: January/May.
    Examination Body: KNEC.
  • Narok University College, Narok
    Course requirements

    One is required to have sat for KCSE with a C or
    a certificate in business management from a reputable institution or
    any other relevant qualifications approved by the senate.

    Program length

    Three years
  • Kisii University, Kisii
    Academic qualifications
    - Those applying for the program above must have attained a C in KCSE or
    - Hold a certificate in business administration
    Period of study
    - 2 years
    Mode of study
    - full time and part time
  • Regina Pacis University College, Nairobi
    Minimum Entry Requirements: KCSE Mean Grade C plain or Division III in KCE or Equivalent.
    Course Duration: 2 Years
    Mode of Study: Full Time, Part Time, Evening / Weekends
    Intakes: January, May and August.
  • PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute, Nairobi
    Module I Business Management
    Requires KCSE mean grade of C-; Course duration is 6 months.
    Module II Business Management
    Require one to have module I diploma; Course duration is 6 months.
  • Nairobi Technical Training Institute, Nairobi
    Admission Requirements: KCSE Mean Grade C or Craft Certificate in Specialized area (TEP) or Pass in relevant lower module.
    Course Duration: 6 months
    Examination Body: KNEC

  • Karatina University College, Karatina
    Entry requirements
    -A C in KCSE and above or
    -A certificate in business management
    Course duration
    -3 years
    Mode of study
    -full time
  • Serein Education Centre, Nakuru
    Minimum entry requirements: KCSE mean grade of C- (Minus).
    Course duration: 18 months.
    Fees per semester: Ksh. 12,000.
    Exam body: KNEC/I.C.M.
  • Uwezo College, Wote
    Entry Requirements: KCSE C- (Minus).
    Course Duration: 18 Months.
    Modules: 3.
    Fees Payable: Ksh. 2,500 per month.
    Examination Body: KNEC
  • Star College of Management Studies, Nairobi
    Entry Requirements: KCSE mean grade of C- (Minus) or certificate in business management.
    Course Duration: 1 year per module.
    Exam Body: KNEC.
  • Skynet Business College, Nairobi
    Minimum Entry Requirements: KCSE mean grade of C-(Minus) or pass in certificate.
    Course Duration: 18 Months.
    Examination Body: KNEC.
  • Keiway Mining and Technology College Main Campus, Kilifi
    Course Duration: 18 Months (6 Terms)
    Exam: KNEC (3 Modules)
    Min Entry: C- (Minus) or Equivalent
    Tuition: Ksh 12,000 per Term

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Universities Offering Diploma in Business Management(Business Management)

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