What is the direction of communication?


Discuss the direction of communication.


(a) Downward
Communication that flows from one level of a group organization to a lower level is a downward communication. This is typically what we think of when managers communicate with workers.
Its purpose is to assign goals, provide instructions, communicate policies and procedures, provide feedback, among others.
It does not have to be face to face or an oral communication.

(b) Upward
Upward communication flows to a higher level in the group or organization.
It is used to provide feedback to higher-ups, inform them of progress, and relay current problems.
Examples of upward communication are: performance reports prepared by lower management for review by middle and top management, suggestion boxes, employee attitude surveys, among others.

(c) Lateral
When communication takes place among members of the same work group, among members of work
Groups at the same level, among managers at the same level, or among any horizontally equivalent personnel.
Horizontal communications are often necessary to save time and facilitate coordination. In some cases,
These lateral relationships are formally sanctioned. Often, they are informally created to short-circuit the
Vertical hierarchy and expedite action.
They can create dysfunctional conflicts when the formal vertical channels are breached, when members go
above or around their superiors to get things done, or when bosses find out that actions have been taken or Decisions made without their knowledge.

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