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What are the contents of a risk register?


What are the contents of a risk register?



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1. Risk – name of the risk along with short description. Some like to include a numbering scheme to make it easier to reference
2. Trigger event – explanation of the event or events that signal to the person monitoring that this risk is about to happen or has happened; looking at the root cause of the risk
3. Responsible – name of the person (preferred) or group/department responsible for monitoring the risk and executing mitigation activities.
4. Consequence – explanation of the impact to the project if the risk occurs
5. Probability – an estimation of the likelihood the risk will materialize and affect the project. The probability is often a qualitative rating (low, medium, high) or could be a more quantitative number
6. Mitigation – explanation of the strategy being used to lessen the chances the risk will occur.
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