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What are the qualities of an effective teacher counsellor?


What are the qualities of an effective teacher counsellor?



1) Sincere and genuine interest in each student’s development as a person. It is this interest which will lead the students to confide in him/her.

2) Commitment to a program providing conditions for that development. An effective teacher counselor should be willing and committed to serve others.

3) Warm outgoing person who can inspire the confidence of students and the support of fellow staff member. He/she should be friendly warm and approachable. One should be willing to help students even at odd hours.

4) Good public relations that is, able to relate with parents, students, staff and community.

5) Initiative so as to be able to develop new areas of services as needed.

6) Organizational ability to establish priorities for there will be many demands on his time. An effective teacher counselor needs to demonstrate leadership and organizational ability to communicate with people of all levels.

7) A person of mature judgment. He/she need to be mature, emotionally stable in character, responsible and tolerable.

8) Creativity. Since every individual is unique in one’s own way, the counselor has to use his/her creative ability to understand and meet the client’s needs.

9) Flexible and non-judgmental. An effective counselor needs to have an ability and willingness to change, to modify and to amend according to what the situation calls for. This is because there is no fixed way or approach of dealing with various students in need of guidance and counseling. An effective counselor assesses the situation of the client and take appropriate approach to meet his/her needs.

10) Self knowledge. An effective counselor should understand the self. He/she must know what and who he/she is, the personal biases, commitments, vulnerable spots, weaknesses, strengths, fears, defenses, and ones impact on others. Only in as much as one is aware of the dimensions of oneself will he/she be able to use “self” to benefit others.

11) Growth oriented. An effective counselor must be committed to the continued search for knowledge and self awareness. One should be interested in reading new theories and applying them in counseling. One should be involved in continuous personal and professional development. The counselor must be knowledgeable as clients respect counselors who have something to offer them.

12) Objectivity. Effective counselor should be objective and not subjective in evaluating problems of the client. He/she should show respect for the decisions made by the client without imposing his/her decisions to the student.
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