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Tips for making income online


Date Posted: 4/20/2020 7:36:48 AM

Posted By: francis musili  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 650

1.Creating YouTube videos.

YouTube offers content creators an awesome platform to publish their content and make a living from the content. It is the most popular content sharing platform as at now and used by many people around the world such as artists, comedians and many other people.
To start a YouTube channel is very simple. By this I mean that you only need google account to create a YouTube channel where you can publish your own content.
To monetize the content, you post on YouTube you need to have reached a minimum of 4000 hours of watch and one thousand subscribers.

To be successful with YouTube you will need to;
Create high quality and original videos. I emphasis on creating your original content to avoid copyright strike which can lead to your account being suspended which is a negative impact. By creating high quality videos of high definition helps you to attract and maintain your audience.
Be consistent in creating and publishing of your videos. Uploading videos more frequently to YouTube improves your YouTube Search Engine Optimization and this means that you get new audience and your channel grows at a fast pace.

Writing good and captivating titles and also descriptions. This helps improve you search Engine Optimization which means more views and subscription to your channel. Make good use of tags to improve on search engine optimization too.
Engaging with your audience in the comments section is also good to grow and maintain your channels audience. Make efforts to reply to your audience comments even if you cannot reply to all of them.
Encouraging your viewers to subscribe to your channel is also a good tip to getting more subscribers for your channels. The more you encourage your audience to subscribe the more you get subscribers which is good.

2.Creating online courses.
This is

a good source of income if you have knowledge in something and would love to teach or share the knowledge with other people. I bet you have seen online courses on the internet. Udemy is a good example where people are sharing their knowledge to other people and making a living from that.
To create a good online course, you need to have Good communication skills. That is being able to communicate effectively to your students so that they can understand what you are teaching.

A good camera if your courses are going to be filmed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a camera you can also use your phone to film if it can produce videos of high quality.
Of course, if filming is involved you need to have a video editing software. I would recommend open shot or iMovie.

A microphone to project your voice is also important in creation of online courses
Good presentation skills might also be required if the course is going to be in presentation form.

If you are wondering where you can sell your course there are several platforms that can help you create and sell your course. Here are some of them;
Udemy is one of the popular platforms where people share their knowledge with others. It gives you tips and also guidance when creating your course. Once you complete creating your course you submit it for reviewing and approval process. Once approved it is released into the Udemy marketplace where students can enroll and learn from you.
Lynda is also an online course sharing platform. Though I have not used Lynda I have good faith that is as good Udemy.
There is where you can share courses presented in slide format.
There are software’s such as kajabi, teachable and also sellfy which can help you in creating and publishing your courses. These software’s are not free. They offer different plans from which you can choose the one which best suits you.

3.Writing and selling of eBooks
eBooks are digital books which can be read on electronic devices such as phones and computers. People are making a living out of creating and publishing of these digital books and I believe you can do this too. If you have knowledge in something or have an interesting story why not write it down and share it with people. You can make a living out of this which can replace your job income.

To be successful in this you need to;
You need to create high value content. By this I mean your content should offer value to your audience in order to have a good reputation and maintain your audience.

Grammar skills are also important in writing of eBooks. You don’t want to share poorly written content to you audience and expect to get a good feedback. To check your grammar, I would recommend you consider using Grammarly. This software will help you identify your grammar mistakes and correct them.
Avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism might land you into trouble with the authorities and also tint your reputation in the writing industry.

Choose a specific niche you are interested in and you are knowledgeable about. You need to also do enough research on the niche you want to write about. This will hep you write a high value content which people will love.

There are platforms you can use to share your written content such as Amazon kindle publishing. This platform enables you to charge for the content you publish there.

Freelancing is also an option you can take to make income online. In freelancing you provide services you are competent in to people who hire you. It is important to note that providing services you are efficient in helps you gain more clients and getting good ratings from you clients. What does this mean to you? It means that you will maintain your clients as you get new ones as well as earning more income since you can charge more for the services you provide.
As a freelancer you can provide services such as social media marketing, graphic design, web development and design, programming and writing of articles including many other services. There are several freelancing sites where freelancers can get clients by advertising their services and skills. They include;
People per hour and 99designs.

5.Affiliate marketing
This is an income earning idea where you get commission from an owner of the product you sell. It is important to note that you only make money when you make a sale. Affiliate marketers earn commissions by marketing products owned by other people to their audience. If you are a content creator such as a youtuber and have gathered a considerable audience you can easily become an affiliate marketer and earn commissions by promoting products to you audience.

People willing to become affiliate marketers can join either or all of these programs
Jumia affiliate program. If you are in a country where Jumia operates such as Kenya you can join this affiliate program and earn commission by promoting their products. With Jumia affiliate program you can track your sales and the clicks your affiliate links get.

Kilimall affiliate program. This is a Kenyan based affiliate program where you sign up easily and start earning commissions by simply promoting the products they sell to your audience. You make commission every time you make a sale.

Amazon associates program. This is amazon affiliate program which anybody from anywhere in the world can join. In simple terms it is a worldwide program. It works the same as the above affiliate programs. To add on the list we have commission junction, clickbank, shareasale and Rakuten.
Most successful affiliate marketers are content creators such as youtubers, influencers and website owners who write reviews about products they have tested or used.

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