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Major causes of motorcycle accidents in Kenya


Date Posted: 3/14/2012 1:58:22 AM

Posted By: sashoo  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 382

1. Not obeying traffic rules:
Not obeying traffic rules is a major cause of accidents on our highways. Most cyclists are just too ignorant of the available traffic rules. This causes a lot of accidents because the traffic rules are so many and they aim to protect all the road users. So not obeying the so many traffic rules, means causing the so many accidents experienced on our highways.

2. Not keeping distance with other vehicles:
Most motorcyclists don't keep distance with other vehicles on our highways. The reason why this is tragic is that as they follow each other so closely, the person in front may suddenly apply emergency brakes, meaning that all the others behind him/her will get knocked down altogether, either getting injured or dying instantly.

3. Drinking or taking drugs:
Cycling under the influence of drugs and alcohol is in fact the deadliest of all the odds. Drugs and alcohol will make one do just the opposite of what a sober person would do. So you can imagine the intensity of the accidents caused by this particular mishap on our highways.

4. Not braking appropriately:
Most cyclists don't brake appropriately, especially at junctions, hence causing collisions with other vehicles. You see our motorcyclists have got only one thing in common - money! They value money so much at the expense of people's lives. They are so much in a hurry to get to their various destinations and get paid, and they tend to forget to even brake appropriately at junctions.

5. Inexperience:
This is definitely a major cause of accidents on our highways. Cyclists who do not even have a licensed permit to use public road, are seen all over and tend to dominate the entire highways. While they do not have the least of knowledge of how a highway operates, they insist on using

it, thereby causing the most fatal of accidents on our highways.

6. Not being extra alert:
Most cyclists on our highways are so careless. They are not careful even a bit. This lack of being cautious ends up causing serious accidents on our highways. In most cases, the cyclists only realize this after the accident has happened, and the repercussions are beyond human imagination!

The above are some of the causes of the accidents in Kenya.

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