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Is he eligible for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage?


Date Posted: 3/25/2012 9:02:13 AM

Posted By: SimonMburu  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 838

Many romantic relationships are not perfect but they opt to have a defined destiny which we all know is marriage. Many couples have been having ups and downs but the most affected person when a relationship comes to a stop is the woman, she is very emotional naturally and she always has high hopes for that big day when she will get married to the love of her life. Men on the other hand are quite mischievous and they fake to be in love just to push time with a lady.

Ladies, pay attention because here are some symptoms that the man you are dating will never ask your hand in marriage even if it's a winter day in hell.

1. He never mention his family: If you have been courting for a period of more than one year, you must have known each other family be it immediate or distant, if he never mentions anything to do with family let alone confessing that he is an orphan, you should know by now that he will never introduce you to his family and he not seeing the relationship ending up in a marriage.

2. He is 'mama's boy: Men who are above the age of 25 years and still dwell under their mothers umbrellas are not ready for a marriage and they are just wasting your time, you'll never do anything to him better than his mother and we all know how mother-in-laws are irritating when they come in between marriages. Stay away from men who can't make their own decisions without consulting their moms, be sure that his mother will forever control the affairs of your house.

3. He drives a sports vehicle: Most of these vehicles are two sitters, if he is driving such kind of a vehicle he means he

is '18 til he dies'. He is not ready to have a family soon so he doesn't need extra seats in his sacred ride.

4. Never talks about the future: Serious men who are ready to get married always talk to their loved ones about the future, like how many kids they wish to have, where they will secure a permanent house and so on. If your man has got no plans for the future you better pack your toothbrush and seek an affirmative relationship.

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