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Benefits of building a rapport between students and teachers.


Date Posted: 4/16/2012 7:57:58 AM

Posted By: SimonMburu  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 838

In many Kenyan learning institutions the relationship between the students and the teachers has always been hostile and the students see their teachers as enemies instead of close allies whom they can rely upon when it comes to educational needs.

This hostility has been caused by several factors one of them being severe punishments. The teachers believe that the moral values of students are meant to be straightened by punishment rather than a mere advise whenever there is a wrong deed. This course of action doesn't correct the problem because the student never learned the demerits of his or her mistakes and why there is need to correct. The students are therefore made afraid of their teachers and communication becomes a major problem.

The benefits of building a good relationship between the two parties are as follows:

1. Quality learning.
When there is a good relationship between the teacher and the students there comes a free environment whereby students ask questions freely and participate in class actively without the fear of punishments.

2. Maximum concentration.
Where the students are relaxed due to the friendly relationship with the teacher the concentration becomes high unlike in an environment where the class is full of tension.

3. Creativity.
In a democratic classroom there is a high potential of creativeness since the students are able to air out their views and ideas.

4. Both parties learn.
The students as well as the teacher are able to update there knowledge through vast ideas and opinions from both parties.

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