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The bible is one wonder of God. It contains everything


Date Posted: 8/14/2012 10:59:21 PM

Posted By: Razen  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3454

The bible is not only a book, but a weapon. This does not mean you throw it to the person next to you if he pokes you. It is a weapon against devils and demons. Holding the book whilst praying will destroy any bondage of the devil. The bible contains:

> The mind of God.
> The state of man.
> The way of salvation
> The doom of sinners.
> The happiness of believers.

Saying the bible contains the mind of God shows that through this book, we get to know what God thinks about us. The way we live, our doom/destiny, our ways, our future and all our life. God has a plan for you. Plans to build not to destroy, plans for future and hope.

The Bible also contains the state of man and the way of salvation. View this as a map. A man here and the labyrinth of roads he should go through. The bible, like a video game shows him the way.

Do not forget, the book contains both the map to salvation and the map to your eternal torment. Again like a game, the bible guides sinners to their doom. On the menu screen there is the option to change course that reads: abandon this course and embark on salvation. But they choose not to.

If you believe, you definitely find happiness in this book. Comfort, love, joy, and all other sweet things in life. The fruits of the holy spirit all are there for you. You can never be sad if you have the bible.

The bible is also:
-The pilgrims stuff.
-the soldiers sword.
-the pilots compass.
-the travelers map.

Its one item you can never leave behind.

~its doctrines are holy.
~its precepts are binding.
~its decisions are immutable.

You should:
-practice it to be holy.
-believe it to be safe.
-read it to be wise.

Never intentionally damage the book. Do

not use it for any malicious purpose. This is our lords scripture!

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