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The secrets behind setting up an ideal home theatre.


Date Posted: 8/25/2012 11:55:00 AM

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The following are the factors that one should consider when installing new home theatre.
1.Few doors.The doors should be preferably one or two,plus an emergency exit.
2.It should be at a good location in the home where sound can be isolated from other rooms.An atticor on underground room could be a good location for a home theatre.
3.It should be free from outside light.
4.It should be tiered,if possible,for better viewing.
5.Walls at the front where the screen is should be closer together and wider apart at the back.
6.A big screen,which should be the main focus in the room.The bigger the better.
7.Curtains,to create the ambiance of a real theatre.
8.Size and shape of the room should also be considered.The shape of your home theatre will control the way sound travels.A wide,open space may scatter sound and prevent you from getting the full effect.A rectangular shaped room that is one and a half times long as it is wide is ideal for a home theatre. For example,if you have a 12ft wide room,the ideal length of the width of the room should be 18ft to capture the full sound.Consider carpeting the floors and upholstering the walls of the theatre to prevent sound from reaching other rooms.If you live in a apartment where a neighbour leaves above you,consider sound-proofing the ceiling as well.
9.Lighting.Light is not needed that much in a home theatre.Consider using dimmable lights so you are able to control the light.If you have windows,consider the use of black-out curtains on the windows to block away all the natural light.Leave a small amount of light in the room while watching movies as the contrast between the screen light and total darkness can be strenuous to the eyes.
10.The decor:Your home theatre can be decorated in any of your favorite themes,from vintage to modern.Art Deco themes create a majestic

and dramatic atmosphere with room dimensions oversize and impressive.Other styles you could go for are safari themes,and aquatic or galatic themes,among others.The seats in your home theatre should be comfortable and,depending on the size of your room,you can choose to have theatre style seating or lounge seating,which is more informal and offers flexibility of the furniture layout.

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