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Kenya's higher education's imperative harmonization


Date Posted: 10/12/2012 10:14:26 AM

Posted By: Geekeijoe  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 453

Kenya has for a long time followed the 8-4-4 system of education. The system defines eight years time of primary education, four years time of secondary education and four years university level's time. Since year 2003, the Kenya's ministry of education has been working on easing primary education's demands by the free education program. Similarly, the arm of the ministry has merely extended the aid to the secondary level of education.
The tertiary/higher level of education in Kenya which carries along the university and college institutes, has not been as lucky, currently, there are seven national universities and a big number of other such institutions including private universities, colleges, institutions of technology and technical polytechnics.

Following that, this tertiary level of education in Kenya has then been facing a number of thriving challenges and here under they are:

1. Inevitable college cost. This has left so many young people with no choice than to stop at secondary level.

2. The inadequacy in resources for research and reference. Most of the higher learning institutions have inadequate resources to serve the corresponding students.

3. The alarming gap between the rich and the poor. The bracket has led to inferiority and unfairness as at instances students are left to fit their feet in others' shoes.

4. The dying motivation for lecturers. Low pay has lost the work motivation for lecturers.

5. The grueling registration boards. At times these boards amend changes impacting students and with no room for student's bodies' inputs or views, this is not as good as such rulings leads to bitter regrets.

By all means, the Kenyan government through the ministry of education should imperatively address these factors to embrace harmony and fairness in the most superior level of education in the country.

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