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How to get efficient results from your fridge.


Date Posted: 10/17/2012 5:40:12 AM

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Fridge has been the most useful accessory in the house. We have been using for several uses including preservation of foods and other stuff. Many have been having a question why their fridges do not offer efficient results. Some of the fridges do not preserve efficiently as to how they want.
These are the precautions one should observe to receive better results from your fridge.
1. Do not install your fridge near where you cook or mostly in the kitchen if a told your kitchen is small. High heat temperatures may absorb the cooling of your fridge. The fridge works with the principle of cooling and the outside temperatures matters in the working principle of a fridge.

2. Do not keep re-adjusting the temperatures of the fridge regularly. This will always vary the preserving temperatures and in the future you might find that your fridge is not cooling like it was before.

3. Always unplug the fridge from the power source when not using it. This will increase the efficiency of the fridge and increase its life.

4. If there is any fault in your fridge like its temperatures varying unlike it is set, always call a technician to adjust it for you. It has been noted that some people adjust them without any knowledge hence damaging the whole system.

These are the main precautions which one should take in order to have a long lasting fridge.

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