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Grade 6 Home Science Lesson Notes Term 1, 2, 3

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• Pre adolescence is the stage of life between early childhood and adolescence.
Who is adolescent?
• Adolescent is the period between pre adolescence and adulthood.
• An adolescent is a child between the age of 13 to 19 yrs.
• An adolescent is also called a teenager

Changes that takes place during adolescences
• Girls and boys experience the :following changes
1. Physical change- are changes which can been seen.
2. Emotional change- are changes that cannot be seen, also called feelings
3. Social change
• Changes are normal and we transition into adolescent diferently. We should accept and embrace changes fully.
• Talk to people to get right information about changes that take place during adolescence.

Physical changes in boys include
a. Increase in body size
b. Growth of hair under armpits and pubic area
c. Developing acne and increased sweating
d. Hair grows on their chin (beards)
e. Voice breaks and becomes deeper.
f. Experience wet dreams.

Physical changes in girls include
a. Increase in body size
b. Growth of hair under armpits and pubic area
c. Developing acne and increased sweating
d. Develop breasts
e. Hips broaden
f. Voice becomes melodious.
g. Experience menstruation cycle.

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