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Grade 1 Rationalised Mathematics Notes on Measurement

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STRAND: Measurement
Lesson 1: How to compare length directly using longer than
Measurement is finding a number to represent the size or quantity of anything.
It includes finding the length, volume, weight/mass, and time.
It uses words such as less, more, short, long, heavy, light and how many?
Length is the distance from one end to the other end.
Things to consider when choosing a tool for measurement are
1. Choose correct tools to save on time and for accuracy purposes.
2. Line up tools correctly i.e., do not start measuring in the middle.
3. Do not overlap or leave spaces.
4. Measure end to end.
Which one is longer than
Present the items to be compared
The pencils and sticks and introduce the term “longer than”
Let them compare the size of the stick and the pencils.

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