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Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Flight Dispatch(Flight Dispatch) in Kenya

  • Course Name: Certificate in Flight Dispatch(Flight Dispatch)
  • Major Subject: Flight Dispatch
  • Course Category: Certificate
  • Average Study Duration:

Colleges Offering Certificate in Flight Dispatch(Flight Dispatch)

  • East African School of Aviation East African School of Aviation, Nairobi  
    Course Duration: 6 Weeks (Part Time)

    Tuition Fee: USD 600

    Course Outline:

    Flight Planning
    Aircraft Propulsion and Systems
    Weight and Balance
    Flight planning

    Fundamentals of TCAS II
    GPS fundamentals ;MEL/CDL application and effects
    ICAO and Regulatory Authorities Air Law
    Dispatch Resource Management
    Air Traffic Control
    Airport Analysis
    Runway conditions and significance (dry/wet/contamination)
    Basic Payload and effects on aircraft performance
    SIG Weather Charts
    Radiotelephony communications
    METAR/TAFOR terminology and its application
    SNOWTAM/ASHTAM effects and application
    Basic Engine and Airframe performance
    Airway Charts
    Aircraft Flight Manual
    Navigational Flight Plan - JEPP CHARTS & JEPP Manuals
    ATC Flight Plan (ICAO 2012 new format)
    Operational MINIMA and application
    Aircraft Systems

    Target group:
    Participants must be trained and qualified Flight Operations officers who must receive recurrent training within the appropriate period to maintain currency, designated Flight Dispatchers and operations Control Staff, and holders of Flight Operations/Dispatcher certificate wishing to prepare for the Flight Operations Licensing examinations.
  • Kenya Airways Limited  Pride Centre Kenya Airways Limited Pride Centre, Nairobi  
    Course Entry Requirements:
    Minimum O-level Mean Grade is C Plus (C+) or equivalent
    Age: 18 years of age

    Course Units:

    Principles of Flight
    General Navigation and Radio Navigation
    Air Law
    Weight and Balance
    Airframes, Engines & Aircraft Systems
    Operational Procedures
    Flight Planning & Monitoring
    Human Performance & Limitations
    VFR/IFR Radio Communications

    Course Duration:
    9 months. - N/B: Inclusive attachment

    Application Fee. KES 2,000.00
    Tuition Fee : KES 250,000.00
  • Eldoret Technical Training Institute Eldoret Technical Training Institute, Eldoret  
    Diploma C-
    Duration __18 months - 3 Modules @ 6 Months
    Craft Cert D
    Duration ---- 12 Months _ 2 Modules @ 2 Months
    Artisan Cert d and below,, Or KCPE
    Duration 12 Months
    Intakes, Jan, April/May, July, Sep
    Fees 10000 @ term

    Accommodation Available
  • Capital Connect Aviation School Capital Connect Aviation School, Nairobi  
    Age requirements:
    - Minimum age of 18 years

    Flight Dispatch Cost of Training/Fees
    - Ab initio (initial) flight dispatch course (duration six months)
    Dispatch ground school KES 150,000 (USD 1,531)
    - Refresher flight dispatch course (duration two months)
    Dispatch ground school KES 60,000 (USD 612)
  • Kenya Aeronautical College Kenya Aeronautical College, Nairobi  
    Course Duration: 9 Months
    Course Entry Requirements: KSCE Mean Grade of C Plain.

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Universities Offering Certificate in Flight Dispatch(Flight Dispatch)

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