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What are the techniques for resource estimating?


What are the techniques for resource estimating?



1. Expert judgment
- An estimator uses expert judgment to gain insight into the resource requirements for each individual work package.
- The estimator will need to consult IT SMEs-network engineers, database designers, software developers, and user SMEs-
accountants, engineers, marketing people, and so on.
- The estimator seeks to determine what expertise is needed and what level of knowledge is required to complete the
deliverable of the work package. (Do we need a senior network engineer with 10 years of experience? Or is this
a task that a junior network engineer with 2 years of experience can handle?)

2. Analogous
- If the WBS was created using the analogous approach-that is, building the WBS using a similar project first and then
editing to fit the uniqueness of the current project-the required resources have already been determined.
- Adjustments will be needed based on the lessons learned from the previous project and the uniqueness of the current

3. Alternatives analysis
- Each work package will have alternative ways in which the work can be accomplished. Some examples include different
skill levels of resources, internal versus external resources; technology selected, and time constraints.
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