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How to organize mealtime with family


Date Posted: 1/2/2014 8:18:41 AM

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How to organize mealtime with family.

Nowadays families hardly ever spend time with each other and the only time they get to spend together is during mealtime. Busy schedules cut short time they could use conversing and they do not really help each other deal with major issues. So how does one relax and turn down the stress volume when spending time with family.
1. First of all, during the meal the volume of any electronic should be turned down. Be it the television, radio or cell phones, the distractions must be kept at a minimum. This is to create more time for talking amongst each other. Cell phones should not be answered during the mealtime to make for more time talking.
2. The conversation must be controlled. Parents often use the mealtime to discipline their children because that is the only time they get to see each other. The children also use this time to demand for things. This is not right. The mealtime conversation should be talking about people’s day and positive comments. This will help someone to reduce their stress levels by simply talking about them.
3. If you are the cook, try to plan out your day so that cooking will not be a stressful task. If the cook is not calm nobody at the table will. So you have to plan your day and when you are at the dinner table be calm and ensure our family that everything is okay.
4. Do not force people to sit at a particular meal. Yes it is a good gesture to make everybody sit and talk while eating but if it is not going to work do not force it. Be real. Look for the best meal which the whole family has time to sit together and let that be the family meal. It should

not be everyday. Not everybody will have free time everyday so plan for two or three times a week to sit down eat and talk. You will find this very helpful in dealing with stress.
Talking as family is good and healthy for any individual. It gives one a foundation that you can lean against when pushed by the world. Share as much as you can with your family who will love you and guide you when in doubt. Appreciate every moment that you have with your family.

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