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Factors that ensure a family remains strong.


Date Posted: 1/8/2013 2:05:01 PM

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The family is the basic social unit of a society.It is in the family that we first learnt how to play,to share,to help and to love.All families have challenges and weaknesses.Sometimes there is joy,other times there is sorrow.Sometimes family members are happy,other times they are sad.What makes a family strong?Why are some families effective and others are ineffective?

Below are some factors that make a family strong.

1.Spending time together.Strong families do things together and do them often.They eat together,play together and work together.They spend quality time together.

2.Strong family ties.Strong families have strong family ties.They don't allow people to come in between them.They are inseparable.They are part and parcel of each other.Strong families cannot be isolated.The closer the family members are to each other,the stronger the family unit.

3.Commitment.Family members support and sustain each other.They are committed to the family as a unit.There is an attitude of 'one for all' and 'all for one'.In short,there is allegiance to the family and family life is a priority.

4.Communication.Strong families communicate.They talk and listen to each other.They share their feelings,hopes,dreams,fears,joy,sorrows,experiences,needs etc.Their communication patterns are clear,open and frequent.They take time to talk,listen and respond to what others have to say.

5.Team work.Family members should do things as a family and not as individuals.Strong families make decisions,solve family problems and do family work

together.Everyone has a role to play and everyone participates.

6.Care and appreciation.Appreciation is one of the deepest human needs.Families are strengthened by expressions of caring and appreciation.We all want our efforts to be recognized and appreciated.Strong families have a habit of expressing gratitude.

It goes without saying that it is good for a family to be united.We all know that a house that is divided cannot stand on its own.Together we can do a lot but divided we can do so little.Let us aim to have a strong family unit.

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