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Gaming is both a science and work


Date Posted: 5/8/2018 2:53:10 AM

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Gaming as the art of playing games has fought a great deal since the traditional time against its extinction. It was considered as not making “true art “ that was conserved for consoles and dedicated
gaming platforms. But today , gaming has become a crucial part of this modern world.
Recently, since the beginning of the 21st century, there has been a historic rise in the popularity of gaming, that is, playing games of different gaming platforms all over the world. The games ranges from
manually customized games to computerized games such as the mobile games and video games.

What is the science behind gaming?

Behind research papers and documentaries, lies much more brainstorming researches that provides answers to our unanswered questions which were temporarily or permanently hidden from our views
concerning gaming.
Playing games is not only an art but it is also a science that is greatly explained by today’s advanced technology behind the gaming industry.
Therefore, what is the essence of playing games? Why do we play games? What has made game play so exciting ? Do we play games manually or use technology? These are among the many questions that has
remained unanswered for many decades or perhaps centuries.
Playing games is voluntary. It is mostly played for enjoyment and at times for educational purposes too, but majorly it is played for entertainment or achievement of a reward as well.

Is gaming part of work?

Games are considered different from work. However, in today’s world ,many games has been placed in the category of work such professional sports or games with professional players and gamers who has
taken gaming as a professional career from one level to another for many years.
Some games can be played by an individual or by teams. They can be played manually or using gaming

gadgets, monitors and computers. During game play, there can be an audience of players or spectators
(non-players) who are being entertained when watching.
Gaming itself has come a long way as part of human history, culture and experience. It has a set of goals, challenge and rules of interaction which involves both physical and mental stimulation that
positively helps develop practical skills for essential roles such as educational role.
Playing games is very interactive, that is; players artificially engage in a conflict that result in a profitable
and quantifiable results or outcomes. These outcomes at some point can be negative or positive.

Effects of playing games

Gaming has faced a lot of criticism for a very long period of time. It has been criticized against negative effects like addiction, aggression and other health consequences such as strain injuries. It has also been reported that most of the computerized games (video games ) are violent games that mentality affect gamers or players mentality. Despite of having these negative effects, Gaming has achieved many positive reputations too.
Today, computerized games such as video games are used for educational and therapeutic purposes.
Gaming has also influenced performance such as attention, cognition and perception. Playing games is part of exercise which help build muscle, improve concentration that essentially boosts the performance of the human brain.
Gaming gives brain real workout for quick thinking, making quick and fast analysis or decision. You don’t require funding to have fun in this modern world, all it takes to enjoy gaming is having concentration and focus on the main goal.

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