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Places of desire; hells gate national park


Date Posted: 6/18/2014 8:30:07 AM

Posted By: Razen  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3454

It’s been a long time since I took you guys to a tour around the world. Park your necessities, tighten your seats belts and come with me for a ride. We are visiting the astonishing hells gate national park.
Hells gate national park rests to the south of Lake Naivasha in Kenya. It was so named after some cliffs broke up to form a tributary of a prehistoric lake that supplied food to the earlier people in rift valley. Hells gate came to life in the year 1984. It harbors a Fischer’s tower and a central tower columns and the amazing hells gate gorge. Hells gate is a national park too. A home to many varieties of wild animals and birds. Maasai’s have further made it worth a visit by transforming it into their cultural center.
Driving or walking, hells gate has all you desire. I have been into many parks but hells gate is a unique one. You can hire a mountain bike and strap your bag on it and cycle your way to happiness! Amazing isn’t it?
Places to visit are:
a. The hot springs!
Apart from a hot shower and hot water n a basin, hells gate provide hot water from beneath the earth’s surface. This water flows in streams inside the gorges and sure! Anyone can take a shower, fetch some and take it with you, just don’t drink it.
b. The cliffs of wonder
This cliffs are the sides of the gorges and you will be amazed by the beautiful photo taking scenery and relaxing places. Take the risks and climb on them. Engrave your name on the stones and like the thousand who've been here with me before, leave the legend behind.
Just be aware, the networks here are jammed! No calls or whatsapp messages, oops, sorry!
c. Buy from the maasais
They have been here for

a long longtime. In order to keep the memories of hells gate fresh but from them. Bangles, necklaces, shukas, shoes and so many other items made by the maasais themselves.
d. See the wildlife
From lions to warthogs, from zebras to monkeys this park has very many wild animals that will welcome you to the park. Ever seen an impala? Birds from all over the world fills the airs with beautiful songs that pleases your ears.
e. Hungry? There is a hotel too!
This place has lots of fancy dishes that water the mouths of a satisfied man. Will tempt you to eat and take some home.
Shall we leave yet?
f. The Olkalia geo-thermal power station.
This place is wao! Just see how these guys transform steam into electricity for home use! This station supplies power to the whole of naivasha, Kinangop and several other places in Kenya! Amazing isn’t it?
Am also tired but happy about this place. If you want to get exact driving directions to this park from naivasha, contact the manager at I think it’s time to say goodbye to you and see you in our next trip!

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