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Women love soap operas and african movies.


Date Posted: 7/20/2013 1:13:46 PM

Posted By: meg soni  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2477

Most of the women are great fans of soap operas, Nigerian and Ghanian movies, say like 85% of them. This is why all the stations from Citizen TV, NTV, KBC, KTN and even the relaunched K24 have invested so much time in these soap operas. They are aired during the night and day hence very convenient; at night, for those who work, housemakers also don't have to get bored during the day.

The love of these programs can be clearly identified by a woman who is glued to her TV between 8 p.m-9p.m, she will only move when an advert is aired or the program is over. One can also find a conversation in the work place, school or anywhere the fans are, how the favourite program of the season was and what they think should have happened. The lovers of these programs are so emotional, one may mistake it to be a reality. Others cry when the main actor dies or a sad story in 'Afrosinema' or very irritated if the main actor/ actress dies in the end of the program.

When it comes to men, only a small percent like to watch soap operas or African movies mainly because they believe women want to be treated like the ones in the programs which the claim is impossible. They prefer football, news, action movies, wrestling which is quite the opposite of women. The only program that was watched by many men some time back was Storm over paradise which was aired on Citizen TV. Somehow this program captured their attention for reasons not known.

Most of the women don't like action hence prefer cool and collected stuff, romantic movies that is why they love this programs. They prefer something they can relate to as in real life situations. For

example, Nigerian movies act according to the day to day life. Soap operas also act according to real life situations though with a bit of exaggeration of undying love, where 'Alejandro' will end up with 'Paloma' no matter the ups and downs they have gone through. In the life today, ending up with someone after breaking up only depends if the two people still feel the same for each other. Women still watch these soap operas and hope that such men still exist but they forget that these programs are fiction. Relationships need a lot of work, patience, a forgiving heart and for sure that is not easy as they try to portray in soap operas.

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