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What is the remedy to road carnage in our roads?


Date Posted: 4/28/2012 2:55:05 AM

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Its becoming a great concern that we are loosing people at an alarming rate through road carnage. The government should declare this as a national disaster and seek help from road safety experts to give way forward on how this calamity should be eliminated from our roads. Its astonishing and scaring when you turn on your radio, television, internet or when you peruse the newspaper, not even a single day pass before getting news on road carnage that has claimed some lives.

The likely causes of road accidents are as follows:

Drivers - over speeding, carelessness/recklessness, phone usage while on wheel, alcoholism, overworking, unqualified.

Pedestrians - in most cases they are run down by motorist because of their carelessness, drunkenness, phone usage on the road and the norm of crossing the road without checking both sides of the road.

Passengers- generally they don't adhere to basics like tightening up their seat belts, refusing to board to a vehicle when its full.

Traffic Police officers- they are responsible for safety of all road user but instead they risk their lives by taking a bribe of ksh 50 at the expense of a passenger. The police should style up and do their job as per their job description.

Generally as road users we MUST adhere to traffic rules let no one persuade us of our safety. In case one of the road user violates the traffic rule whether a pedestrian,driver,passenger or police officer as a matter of concern you should try your best to correct him/her but in case he is defiant let him/her face the law immediately. Thanks to the reform agenda in our courts.

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