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Who is the driver in your relationship?


Date Posted: 8/13/2012 9:50:00 AM

Posted By: johnmurage91  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 45

You spot this gentleman or lady and she pleases you. You make your move and charm your way into his/her heart. After a while you two realize that you have something going on and you decide to make the next move together, a relationship. And the struggle now begins. It is a basic instinct that humans always want to be in power, though not many will openly support this. Dictating the pace of a relationship gives you an 'advantage' over your partner. Many will say that whoever loves the least among you two controls the wheel. But how true is this? Basically, those in control of a relationship are not even aware of it.

You cannot be in control if you are not content.Content gives you a feeling of peace, not wanting to look elsewhere. If you love less and not fully, then you will constantly be looking around in case you are missing on something. By so doing, you give your relaxed partner the advantage. Being truthful to your partner gives you the advantage of not always wondering whether you said something that you shouldn't have. Lies are necessary in a relationship, but when then they start taking you hostage then you have given away control for you are personally being controlled by your own inability to stand by the truth.

So if you want control in a relationship then you have to give your all and trust your partner that they are giving the same. But that is hardly the case for both people, so why not get control the easy way? If you give your all and treat your partner fairly,then you are in the driver's seat. The only problem is that you may not even notice it.

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