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Remaining Focused with Christ


Date Posted: 9/9/2012 5:52:58 AM

Posted By: Queenma  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 20

Many people, some Christians included are dominated by what some psychologists call “the mob Instinct”. As a matter of fact we human beings all incline to the sense of belonging and not wanting to be lonely. However, when the society or the group we belong to or tend to drift away from Christ, we are called to be courageous to break away and to follow Christ. This is exactly the point St Peter is making in Acts: 37 -41. Also in Luke 19:3, it was said that Zacchaeus could not see Jesus because of the crowd. The same applies to us today; the crowd we belong to could prevent us from seen Jesus, from succeeding in our marriage and family. Similarly the work we do, the many community activities and so on could prevent us from seen Jesus who comes to us In many diverse ways in our life. This ought not to be so, we must deeply reflect on our lives and if this be the case, we must heed Peters call and break away from such tyrannies and turn towards Him who came to save us.

I have heard Men say “Men do not Zero graze” meaning men should not be faithful to their wives. Women too have their own believes regarding their duties in matrimony and the problem is more profound among the youth of today who seek to justify their immoral and irresponsible behavior, “furthermore everybody is doing it” they say. This is a faulty ethical theory which is also prevalent among the Religious men and women who even sometimes from the onset of their religious life do not believe in practical chastised life.

Anyway, not to lose the point, we are always afraid of been different from the society and for this reason we

have to look around before we act and only react to what the society demands. This is dangerous for our spiritual life if such demands are not consonant to the demands of our Christian life.

St Paul in Corinthians 3: 1-4 tells us to think of heavenly things as opposed to earthly ones. He is urging us to make a home for the word of God which is preached every day and indeed in a special way every Sunday. To embrace Jesus, We must be courageous to the extent of climbing the risky tree to see Him. That is, we must embrace his message with all its richness; teaching each other and advising each other in wisdom. We Should be prepared to break away from the mob instinct if the society we fall in turns away from Jesus.

This breaking away however does not imply physical action. As human beings we have a need to belong and this sense of belonging is very vital. However as Christians we must realize that we belong to the flock of Christ. As such we can be members of a dance group but we must not let ourselves to be dominated by it and we can be loyal to it in as much as that loyalty does not compromise our loyalty to Christ. Remember, even though Jesus Christ identified himself with the crowd, He was not controlled by it.

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