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Technology millionaires in Kenya


Date Posted: 10/7/2012 12:22:19 PM

Posted By: ombaba  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 1110

We have heard of many stories of technology entrepreneurs across the world who have made from nothing by building great technology companies. Good examples are mark zuckerberg the founder of facebook, bill gates the founder of microsoft among others. In kenya there are those who have pursued the same route and have made themselves some serious cash.

1. Mike Macharia, is the founder and CEO of seven seas technologies limited. Mike dropped out of Egerton university where he was pursuing a course in maths and physics and enrolled himself at strathmore university for an accounting course. He started seven seas at the age of 25. The company provides integrated business and technology solutions across Africa. The firm success has received notice, with telecommunications company safaricom showing an interest in acquiring an ownership stake at seven seas.

2. Ken Njoroge, is the founder and CEO of cellulant. Cellulant is a mobile commerce company that manages, delivers and bills digital content that is specifically tailored for use with mobile phones. The exponential growth of the mobile phone sector provides a large growth potential for the company. Ken also dropped out of university of Nairobi's pharmacy school to pursue a computing career at strathmore. Ken first started a company called three mice together with friends, but when that did not get so successful they split and each began their own companies. That is how ken began cellulant in 2004.

3. Kamal Budhabhatti, is the founder and CEO of craft silicon limited. Craft silicon provides software solutions to insurance and financial institutions across Africa. Kamal has had an intention to have craft silicon listed in either the new york or london stock exchange.

4. Anthony Wahome, is the founder and CEO of linksoft group of companies.

5. John Waibochi, is the founder and CEO of virtual city group.

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