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Traffic rules around the city of Nairobi brought back to life.


Date Posted: 10/8/2012 7:38:59 AM

Posted By: Franco1989  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 321

It has been noted that most people don't adhere to traffic rules anymore and it has become a norm to flout the rules. several scenes of motorists driving while on the phone or people crossing busy avenues with their phones on their ears. This is disturbing and also most pedestrians cannot be left out on the same as most of them dash across busy roads without looking at the traffic lights. The city which should be the epitome of road safety is no longer the same with several accidents being reported simply because of immaturity and carelessness of the motorists and pedestrians.

However there has been a ray of hope as the city council of Nairobi has decided to revamp the rules to bring back sanity to our roads in the city center.It would be important therefore for city dwellers to have in the mind how these rules will affect your pockets if at all you will be found to flout them.

Anyone who will be found crossing on the road at the same time making a call will be fined 500 shillings or a month in jail.This also applies to motorists who drive while making a call though their fine is 10000.

The people who ignore traffic lights will be charged 10000 shilling and this applies to both the motorists and the pedestrians.

There are other minor offenses which contribute to accidents like too much noise on the streets, buying from hawkers on the corners of the streets and the people who commit these will be charged too.

We should therefore be very careful as we go about our businesses in the city and maintain high levels of caution as safety for you is safety for all.

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