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Improving students' performance through motivation


Date Posted: 10/12/2012 3:19:38 PM

Posted By: vann  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 1015

It is important to examine what rewards convey about competence; when reward are tied to competence, they tend to promote motivation and interest whereas when they are not, they are unlikely to raise motivation or may diminish it once the rewards are withdrawn. Teachers can as well use motivation as one of the ways to improve education and performance in the class. Here are some tips that I hope will be useful to teachers so as to help the improve performance in schools.
1.Students should be intrinsically motivation to learn. Teachers should establish a climate in which students are intrinsically motivated.
2.Teachers should find ways to motivate students.
a).Students are motivated to learn when they are given choices, become absorbed in a challenge that match their skills, and receive reward that have value. Praise also can enhance students’ intrinsic motivation.
b).Students’ internal motivation and intrinsic interest in school tasks increase when the students have some choice and opportunities to take personal responsibility for their learning
3.Teachers should give students more responsibility for their school programmes. They can set their own goals, plan how to reach the goals, and monitor their progress toward the goals.
4.Reward as motivation should be carefully used. Classroom reward can be useful. However, in some situation rewards can undermine learning.
5.Take time with students. Teacher can explain why a learning task is important. Also, be attentive to attend to their feelings.
6.Effective classroom management. Allow students to make personal choices. They can select topics for book reports, research projects or writing assignments. You can also give them choices how to report, individually, in pairs, in groups, orally or written report, in form of a drawing (art / play) or essay.
7.Create interest groups. Encourage the formation of positive self selected groups and

let students find their own time and place of meeting.
8.Teacher should be competent and motivated. Become an expert on the subject matter, show enthusiasm when you teach and present self as a model.
9.Create an optimal match. Develop and maintain a match between what you want your students to do and their capabilities. This is done by encouraging students to achieve challenging and reasonable goals

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